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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need some python related help please..? Post 302529750 by curioushorse on Friday 10th of June 2011 09:58:57 AM
Old 06-10-2011
Need some python related help please..?

Hi there, I am trying to install turbogears however I am stuck. I need to:

Once Python is installed, you need to install the SetupTools and VirtualEnv packages into the new Python installation. To do so:

$ curl -O some_url_i_cant_post_due_to_being_a_new_member_/
$ sudo python "setuptools==0.6c9"
$ sudo easy_install virtualenv

However as I understand if I type it like that, it will install that into the system python (launching /usr/bin instead, right? As it does when i type python at BASH)... Anyway I have another python installation i would like to use at /usr/local/bin... How could I install it to that one..?

I am using Mac OS X 10.6.7 ...

Please help..!
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PYTHON-CONFIG(1)					      General Commands Manual						  PYTHON-CONFIG(1)

python-config - output build options for python C/C++ extensions or embedding SYNOPSIS
python-config [ --prefix ] [ --exec-prefix ] [ --includes ] [ --libs ] [ --cflags ] [ --ldflags ] [ --extension-suffix ] [ --configdir ] [ --help ] DESCRIPTION
python-config helps compiling and linking programs, which embed the Python interpreter, or extension modules that can be loaded dynamically (at run time) into the interpreter. OPTIONS
--cflags print the C compiler flags. --ldflags print the flags that should be passed to the linker. --includes similar to --cflags but only with -I options (path to python header files). --libs similar to --ldflags but only with -l options (used libraries). --prefix prints the prefix (base directory) under which python can be found. --exec-prefix print the prefix used for executable program directories (such as bin, sbin, etc). --extension-suffix print suffix used for extension modules (including the _d modified for debug builds). --configdir prints the path to the configuration directory under which the Makefile, etc. can be found). --help print the usage message. EXAMPLES
To build the singe-file c program prog against the python library, use gcc $(python-config --cflags --ldflags) progr.cpp -o progr.cpp The same in a makefile: CFLAGS+=$(shell python-config --cflags) LDFLAGS+=$(shell python-config --ldflags) all: progr To build a dynamically loadable python module, use gcc $(python-config --cflags --ldflags) -shared -fPIC progr.cpp -o SEE ALSO
python (1) /usr/share/doc/python/faq/extending.html AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Johann Felix Soden <> for the Debian project (and may be used by others). November 27, 2011 PYTHON-CONFIG(1)

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