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Originally Posted by declannalced
Hmmm, that's not a bad idea. But I'd like a fast response time. Would it be hard to make it check about once a second?
Once a second is a bit much. It's easy to say a server can handle one connection per second but that doesn't mean it completes them always within that one second. When the network works well, it might work fine, but TCP connections can take a highly variable amount of time to connect.

I'd try to build something that watches for UDP packets, but I don't know a common convenient commandline tool for that. netcat doesn't deal with packets in a way that lets you see them, and tries way too hard to be telnet...
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declare -a array=( "LLC-load-misses" "LLC-loads" "LLC-store-misses" "LLC-stores" "branch-load-misses" "branch-loads" "dTLB-load-misses" "dTLB-loads" "dTLB-store-misses" "dTLB-stores" "iTLB-load-misses" "iTLB-loads" "branch-instructions" "branch-misses" "bus-cycles" "cache-misses" "cache-references"... (2 Replies)
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Firewall mark classifier in tc(8)				       Linux					 Firewall mark classifier in tc(8)

fw - fwmark traffic control filter SYNOPSIS
tc filter ... fw [ classid CLASSID ] [ action ACTION_SPEC ] DESCRIPTION
the fw filter allows to classify packets based on a previously set fwmark by iptables. If it is identical to the filter's handle, the fil- ter matches. iptables allows to mark single packets with the MARK target, or whole connections using CONNMARK. The benefit of using this filter instead of doing the heavy-lifting with tc itself is that on one hand it might be convenient to keep packet filtering and classifi- cation in one place, possibly having to match a packet just once, and on the other users familiar with iptables but not tc will have a less hard time adding QoS to their setups. OPTIONS
classid CLASSID Push matching packets to the class identified by CLASSID. action ACTION_SPEC Apply an action from the generic actions framework on matching packets. EXAMPLES
Take e.g. the following tc filter statement: tc filter add ... handle 6 fw classid 1:1 will match if the packet's fwmark value is 6. This is a sample iptables statement marking packets coming in on eth0: iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -j MARK --set-mark 6 SEE ALSO
tc(8), iptables(8), iptables-extensions(8) iproute2 21 Oct 2015 Firewall mark classifier in tc(8)

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