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Full Discussion: remove an element from array
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting remove an element from array Post 302449616 by michaelrozar17 on Tuesday 31st of August 2010 04:26:18 AM
Old 08-31-2010
remove an element from array

I need to remove an element from the below array variable TABLENAME.

set -A TABLENAME "mirf roxar keke mirs"
echo "the array is ${TABLENAME[*]}"

If i need to remove say keke and have the final TABLENAME as below, how this could be achieved. Pls throw some light.

echo "Modified array is ${TABLENAME[*]}
mirf roxar mirs

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DBSchema::Index(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      DBSchema::Index(3pm)

DBIx::DBSchema::Index - Index objects SYNOPSYS
use DBIx::DBSchema::Index; $index = new DBIx::DBSchema::Index ( { } ); DESCRIPTION
DBIx::DBSchema::Index objects represent a unique or non-unique database index. METHODS
new HASHREF | OPTION, VALUE, ... Creates a new DBIx::DBschema::Index object. Accepts either a hashref or a list of options and values. Options are: name - Index name using - Optional index method unique - Boolean indicating whether or not this is a unique index. columns - List reference of column names (or expressions) name [ INDEX_NAME ] Returns or sets the index name. using [ INDEX_METHOD ] Returns or sets the optional index method. unique [ BOOL ] Returns or sets the unique flag. columns [ LISTREF ] Returns or sets the indexed columns (or expressions). columns_sql Returns a comma-joined list of columns, suitable for an SQL statement. sql_create_index TABLENAME Returns an SQL statment to create this index on the specified table. cmp OTHER_INDEX_OBJECT Compares this object to another supplied object. Returns true if they are identical, or false otherwise. cmp_noname OTHER_INDEX_OBJECT Compares this object to another supplied object. Returns true if they are identical, disregarding index name, or false otherwise. AUTHOR
Ivan Kohler <> Copyright (c) 2007 Ivan Kohler Copyright (c) 2007 Freeside Internet Services, Inc. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. BUGS
Is there any situation in which sql_create_index needs to return a list of multiple statements? SEE ALSO
DBIx::DBSchema::Table, DBIx::DBSchema, DBI perl v5.14.2 2007-06-28 DBSchema::Index(3pm)

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