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Operating Systems Solaris Interview questions [thread closed] Post 302443154 by Neo on Saturday 7th of August 2010 05:18:31 AM
Old 08-07-2010
Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Sorry, we are not going to answer your interview questions for you. This is a form of "cheating" which is not permitted here. Thread closed!
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strace(1M)																strace(1M)

strace - write STREAMS event trace messages to standard output SYNOPSIS
mod sub pri DESCRIPTION
gets STREAMS event trace messages from STREAMS drivers and modules via the STREAMS log driver and writes these messages to standard output. By default, without arguments writes all STREAMS trace messages from all drivers and modules. with command-line arguments limits the trace messages received. The arguments, which must be specified in groups of three, are: mod Specifies the STREAMS module identification number from the streamtab entry. sub Specifies a subidentification number (often corresponding to a minor device). pri Specifies a tracing priority level. gets messages of a level equal to or less than the value specified by pri. Only posi- tive integer values are allowed. The value can be used for any argument in the command line to indicate that there are no restrictions for that argument. Multiple sets of the three arguments can be specified to obtain the messages from more than one driver or module. Only one process can open the STREAMS log driver at a time. When is invoked, the log driver compares the sets of command line arguments with actual trace messages, returning only messages that sat- isfy the specified criteria. STREAMS event trace messages have the following format: seq time tick pri ind mod sub text Components are interpreted as follows: seq Trace event sequence number. time Time the message was sent expressed in hh:mm:ss. tick Time the message was sent expressed in machine ticks since the last boot. pri Tracing priority level as defined by the STREAMS driver or module that originates the messages. ind Can be any combination of the following three message indicators: The message has also been saved in the error log. The message signaled a fatal error. The message has also been mailed to the system administrator. mod Module identification number of the trace message source. sub Subidentification number of the trace message source. text Trace message text. runs until terminated by the user. EXAMPLES
Display all trace messages received from the driver or module identified by mod Display trace messages of any tracing priority level from the driver or module identified by mod and its minor devices identified by the sub or Display the trace messages from the same driver or module and subs but limit the priority levels to 0 for subs 2 and 3; 1 for sub 4, driver or module WARNINGS
Running with several sets of arguments can impair STREAMS performance, particularly for those modules and drivers that are sending the mes- sages. Also be aware that may not be able to handle a large number of messages. If drivers and modules return messages to too quickly, some may be lost. FILES
NLS catalog for SEE ALSO
strclean(1M), strerr(1M), strlog(7). strace(1M)

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