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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting copying a list of files from one machine to another with the same path Post 302435612 by avatar_007 on Wednesday 7th of July 2010 08:10:27 PM
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copying a list of files from one machine to another with the same path

Hello All,

I would like to download a list of files from a remote server to my local machine preserving the path i.e, create a similar directory tree.

files on the remote machine with path


after downloading the path on the local machine should look like this

On the remote server there are many other files in the directory that i do not want so could not use rsync or scp -r

Thanks in advance
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DEBRSIGN(1)						      General Commands Manual						       DEBRSIGN(1)

       debrsign - remotely sign a Debian changes and dsc file pair using SSH

       debrsign [options] [user@]remotehost [changes-file|dsc-file]

       debrsign  takes	either	an  unsigned  .dsc file or an unsigned .changes file and the associated unsigned .dsc file (found by replacing the
       architecture name and .changes by .dsc) if it appears in the .changes file and signs them by copying  them  to  the  remote  machine  using
       ssh(1)  and  remotely  running  debsign(1)  on  that machine.  All options not listed below are passed to the debsign program on the remote

       If a .changes or .dsc file is specified, it is signed, otherwise, debian/changelog is parsed to determine the name of the .changes file	to
       look for in the parent directory.

       This  utility  is useful if a developer must build a package on one machine where it is unsafe to sign it; they need then only transfer the
       small .dsc and .changes files to a safe machine and then use the debsign program to sign them before transferring them back.  This  program
       automates this process.

       To  do  it  the	other way round, that is to connect to an unsafe machine to download the .dsc and .changes files, to sign them locally and
       then to transfer them back, see the debsign(1) program, which can do this task.

       -S     Look for a source-only .changes file instead of a binary-build changes file.

       -adebian-architecture, -tGNU-system-type
	      See dpkg-architecture(1) for a description of these options.  They affect the search for the .changes file.  They  are  provided	to
	      mimic the behaviour of dpkg-buildpackage when determining the name of the .changes file.

	      Multiarch  changes  mode:  This  signifies  that	debrsign  should  use  the  most  recent  file	with the name pattern package_ver-
	      sion_*+*.changes as the changes file, allowing for the changes files produced by dpkg-cross.

       --path remote-path
	      Specify a path to the GPG binary on the remote host.

       --help, --version
	      Show help message and version information respectively.

       Other options
	      All other options are passed on to debsign on the remote machine.

       The two configuration files /etc/devscripts.conf and ~/.devscripts are sourced in that order to set configuration variables.  Command  line
       options	can  be  used to override configuration file settings.	Environment variable settings are ignored for this purpose.  The currently
       recognised variables are:

	      Equivalent to passing --path on the command line (see above.)

       debsign(1), dpkg-architecture(1) and ssh(1).

       This program was written by Julian Gilbey <> and is copyright under the GPL, version 2 or later.

DEBIAN								 Debian Utilities						       DEBRSIGN(1)

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