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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu Can't update or use package manager -- gpg error Post 302420187 by i2000s on Tuesday 11th of May 2010 02:09:47 AM
Old 05-11-2010

could you post a completed code of handling this issue?
I also subject to the same problem...
And I have remove the libreadline.so and libreadline.so.6. Although it works, I don't know whether it will not bring up other problems in the long run. Before that, I tried to reinstall the libreadline6 manually, as a result, it failed. It seems your method is the best way to go. So I am really looking forward to your codes.

Anyone who can helps me is thanked!

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UPDATE-MANAGER(8)                                             System Manager's Manual                                            UPDATE-MANAGER(8)

update-manager - graphical management of software packages updates SYNOPSIS
update-manager [options] DESCRIPTION
Update-manager is a frontend for the apt package management system. It allows you to perform some actions of the command line tool apt-get in a graphical environment. Update-manager is especially designed for upgrading your system, or migrating your system towards a more recent version. OPTIONS
For a daily use, you may launch update-manager with no options so that your system is just upgraded. For migration purposes, update-manager accepts some options: -h, --help Show a similar help message -c, --check-dist-upgrades Check if a new distribution release is available -d, --devel-release Check if upgrading to the latest devel release is possible -p, --proposed Try to run a dist-upgrade --dist-upgrade Try to run a dist-upgrade ACTIONS PERFORMED DURING AN UPGRADE TO A NEW VERSION
* eventually reinstall the package ubuntu-desktop * switch to an updated sources.list entries * adds the default user to new groups if needed SEE ALSO
Synaptic, sources.list, aptitude AUTHORS
update-manager was developed by Michael Vogt <mvo@ubuntu.com> with various contributors (see AUTHORS file) This manual page was originally written by Bruno Mangin and Michael Vogt <mvo@ubuntu.com>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Canonical There is NO warranty. You may redistribute this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. For more information about these matters, see the files named COPYING. August 2, 2007 UPDATE-MANAGER(8)

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