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Full Discussion: copy failing disk to Spare
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers copy failing disk to Spare Post 302371851 by binlib on Monday 16th of November 2009 11:33:36 AM
Old 11-16-2009
ddrescue should do a better job than does dd.
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Help me with disk copy

I do not have a Unix machine, i do have a Linux machine.. i have a Unix boot disk that is essencial to my unit. Is there any way in Windows98 or Linux to make copies of this disk. So far i can't get either to read the disk. (1 Reply)
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Vfstab on spare disk - HOW ? Mount ?

Hi, guys ! Could someone clarify one thing for me: I start machine from disk0, and want to check the /etc/vfstab on disk1. How do i do it ? Tried to write: cd / mount /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s0 /mnt But if I do cd /mnt, it is empty. I expected to see disk1 there ? Or am I wrong ? How do I... (3 Replies)
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SCSI disk spare sectors

Is there a way to determine the number of available spare sectors on a disk ? as it may be useful for notifying a user to take a backup of the disk before it runs into a medium error. (6 Replies)
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Solaris 10: how to copy whole disk?

Hi, i have problems with my system disk (os solaris 5.10) and i'm wondering if there is any way to copy the whole disk to a new one, without reinstalling everything (so to do a mirroring)?? thanks in advance (3 Replies)
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Failing to write retrieve script for tape to disk conversion

I have the below script which has been written to retrieve files from tape drive i.e. TSM server. Now i have to write the script using UNIX commands for retrieve operation but I am not able to proceed. The script is: #!/usr/local/bin/expect -f set timeout 1800 set file spawn $env(SHELL)... (0 Replies)
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What is in-core copy and disk-copy of i-node table?

I have found a question from the exercises of my study mat. The question is "Why are there a in-core copy and a disk-copy of i-node block and super block?" If any one know the proper answer then please send me..... (1 Reply)
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Help!! Failing HP-UX 11 system disk

Firstly, system setup - HP900 K460, 3 internal hard drives that make up the system volume group(vg00) no software mirroring HP-ux version 11.00 2 Nike 20 raid arrays attached, fully populated with 40 4gb hot swap drives(All used in production environment) I have 3 disks that make up my... (0 Replies)
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8. AIX


Hello, I have DS4000 IBM SAN Storage ( aka FastT Storage ) One of my disks has failed and I had a hot spare disk covering all the arrays. As the disk failed, immediately the hotspare disk took over the failed disk ( see the JPEG in the attachment ) My Question: How can I make the hotspare... (1 Reply)
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Use 'dd' to copy boot disk to larger target disk

Hi, I'm looking to copy a boot disk on an old Solaris 8 system using dd. I'll bring the system down to single user mode and begin from there. I'm copying my source disk to a larger target disk. Do I need to do anything other than the 'dd' command below because the target disk is bigger? ... (2 Replies)
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Failing to add new NetApp disk AIX 7.1 - but no error

Hello, AIX 7.1 - several NetApp disks already running. Trying to install a new one. Storage folks provision it. I run cfgmgr - nothing. no new disks show up in "lsdev", "sanlun lun show" shows no new device. No errors, just nothing. Storage guys disconnect it and attaches to another aix server -... (5 Replies)
Discussion started by: sid
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faxrm(1)						       mgetty+sendfax manual							  faxrm(1)

faxrm - remove fax jobs queued by faxspool(1) SYNOPSIS
faxrm [-i] [job-ids...] DESCRIPTION
Remove job(s) from the fax queue set up by faxspool(1). faxrm removes queued fax jobs. Call with a list of job-IDs to remove specific jobs. Call with no job IDs to be asked interactively about all jobs you own (if run by root, all jobs). For job-id, use the strings returned by faxq(1) (e.g. F000015), without the ``/JOB'' exten- tion. If you are not the owner of the fax job (as per the 'user xyz' statement inside the JOB file), you are not allowed to remove the fax job. Only root is permitted to remove another user's faxes. If the job is locked (most likely because sendfax(8) is active sending it), faxrm doesn't attempt to remove it. Instead, it prints a warn- ing message on stderr and goes on to the next job. EXAMPLES
faxrm F000005 F000033 OPTIONS
-i (interactive mode) Tells faxrm to ask for confirmation before removing the job (UNIMPLEMENTED). BUGS
faxrm doesn't return diagnostic exit codes yet. SEE ALSO
faxrunq(1), faxrunq(8), faxspool(1), faxq(1), faxqueue(5) AUTHOR
faxrm is Copyright (C) 1993-2002 by Gert Doering, <>. greenie 23 Nov 02 faxrm(1)

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