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Full Discussion: format output in csv file
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting format output in csv file Post 302369131 by Prashant Jain on Friday 6th of November 2009 02:20:56 PM
Old 11-06-2009
Question format output in csv file

I am sending the output of a file to .csv file.
The output should look like this:

Total Customers Processed:,8
Total Customers Skipped:,0
Total Customers Added:,8
Total Customers Changed:,0

Total Policies Deleted:,0
Total Policies Failed:,0


Now i want this output in only one cell, i.e line break in the same cell of csv file.like, we use Alt Enter on the cell in excel.

Wht my approach is , first of all i will replace the , with something else, thn i will remove the new line character with some spaces so that data comes in different lines bt in same cell, but its not working..

Please Help.........

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RADLIST(1)							Yard Radius Manual							RADLIST(1)

radlist - lists current on-line users and per user stats SYNOPSIS
radlist [ -bhnstx ] [ -D|M|Y ] [ -F format_string ] [ -d day ] [ -m month ] [ -y year ] [ -u user ] [ -y year ] DESCRIPTION
This program gives detailed statistics for current users on line (which is the default) or any user you like. Its statistics are on a per- day/month/year base and can be used to produced useful reports. It shows on-line time and traffic, along with numbers of logins and cur- rent port usage. Its output can be largerly customized as you prefer with a suitable format string. See FORMATS section below. OPTIONS
-b Uses a brief output format. -t Uses a `traditional' tabular output format. -n Skips the header when `-t' option is used. -h Prints out usage of the command. -F -Hformat_string Define customized formats for output rows and the header. See FORMATS section below. -m month Reports statistics for month month where month is in the range 1-12. -y year Reports statistics for year year that is a four digits number. -x Shows extedend information (port information). - u user Gets a single username database entry, i.e. select a specific username to report statistics for that user only. -M -D -Y Reports statistics on a dayly/monthly/yearly basis. They should be used along with d,m,y options. If not specified current date and -M is considered. FORMATS
radlist does allow the user to have a customized output format with the `-F' command line option (see above). The program accepts and out- puts any character in a format string and parse it to find some %-prefixed one-letter tokens. Those `a la' printf tokens are substituted with corresponding entry values. Normal C substitution are performed for \, , , and \%. The list of legal % tokens follows, any oher combination is parsed and ignored. Token Value --------------------------------------------------------- %l Username %s Number of current sessions %n Total number of sessions in the period specified %t Total online time in secs %T Total online time in HH:MM:SS format %i Total input traffic in bytes %I Total input traffic in KBytes %o Total output traffic in bytes %O Total output traffic in KBytes %m Total traffic in bytes %M Total traffic in KBytes %k Mean online time per session in secs %K Mean online time per session in HH:MM:SS format %g Mean traffic per session in bytes %G Mean traffic per session in KBytes %% literal '%' No alignment decimal values are allowed in this version of format strings. FILES
/usr/logs/YEAR/user-stats These are files which constitutes the yearly radlist database. They are in binary GDBM format and collect statistics on a per user base, day by day. /usr/logs/NAS/YEAR/detail-XX These text files stores accounting information for every access server (NAS) listed in the clients file. Each user session is iden- tified by a unique session-id and these accounting files store start/stop records for every single authenticated session. Informa- tion stored in those records, but for a group of standard ones, strictly depend on the NAS model and operating system. BUGS
The -x option apparently is not working. SEE ALSO
radiusd(8), radlast(1) builddbm(8), radtest(1), radwatch(1), radius_attributes(5) AUTHOR
Francesco Paolo Lovergine <francesco@yardradius.org>. A complete list of contributors is contained in CREDITS file. You should get that file among other ones within your distribution and pos- sibly installed under /usr/docs directory COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 1997 Cristian Gafton. All rights reserved. Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Francesco Paolo Lovergine. All rights reserved. See the LICENSE file enclosed within this software for conditions of use and distribution. This is a pure ISO BSD Open Source License . 1.1 Aug 25, 2004 RADLIST(1)

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