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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Handling values with space while passing commandline argument from wrapper script in KSH Post 302364717 by kans on Friday 23rd of October 2009 05:21:11 PM
Old 10-23-2009
Hi cfajohnson,

Thanks a lot. It works. I will test with actual code and will come to you, if I face any issues on it... Thanks again for the prompt response. Smilie

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itruns(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 itruns(8)

itruns - set up files for use by the it command SYNOPSIS
/sbin/itruns file [file...] in run-state [, file [file...] in run-state] [,...] DESCRIPTION
The itruns program sets up scripts to be run by it(8). (These programs are typically used within system configuration and installation scripts.) The itruns command searches for /sbin/it.d/bin/file. If itruns finds the file, it creates one or more symbolic links from /sbin/it.d/run-state.d/file to /sbin/it.d/bin/file. The run-state argument can be a single run state, or it can be two run states separated by either the word or or the word and. If two run states are specified with the or keyword, itruns checks for (and creates, if necessary) a directory whose name combines both run states and places a link in that directory so that the file will be executed when the it program detects either state. You can collapse two or-sepa- rated states into a single expression; for example, 2 or 3 can be expressed as 23. If the and keyword is used, itruns checks for (and cre- ates, if necessary) two separate directories and places a link in each of them so that either state triggers execution of the file indepen- dently of the other state. If two or more files are specified for a single run-state argument, links are created for all of the files as indicated by the run-state argument. If two or more combinations of files and run states are specified as comma-separated expressions, itruns treats each combination individu- ally. RESTRICTIONS
The itruns command must be executed from the root directory (/). The command finds only files that are located in the /sbin/it.d/bin direc- tory. EXAMPLES
This example sets up the doconfig script to be run when the system is booted to run state 2: itruns doconfig in 2 Either of the command lines in this example sets up the doconfig and getdate scripts to be run when the system is booted to run state 2 or to run state 3: itruns doconfig getdate in 2 or 3 itruns doconfig getdate in 23 This example sets up the doconfig script to be run when the system is booted to run state 2 and again when the system comes to run state 3, the getdate script to be run only in run state 2, and the getsysname script to be run only in run state 3: itruns doconfig in 2 and 3, getdate in 2, getsysname in 3 SEE ALSO
Commands: it(8) itruns(8)

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