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Full Discussion: Rsync push or pull?
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Rsync push or pull? Post 302363526 by vbe on Tuesday 20th of October 2009 01:34:53 PM
Old 10-20-2009
push from master...

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IPROP(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  IPROP(8)

iprop, ipropd-master, ipropd-slave -- propagate changes to a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs SYNOPSIS
ipropd-master [-c string | --config-file=string] [-r string | --realm=string] [-k kspec | --keytab=kspec] [-d file | --database=file] [--slave-stats-file=file] [--time-missing=time] [--time-gone=time] [--detach] [--version] [--help] ipropd-slave [-c string | --config-file=string] [-r string | --realm=string] [-k kspec | --keytab=kspec] [--time-lost=time] [--detach] [--version] [--help] master DESCRIPTION
ipropd-master is used to propagate changes to a Heimdal Kerberos database from the master Kerberos server on which it runs to slave Kerberos servers running ipropd-slave. The slaves are specified by the contents of the slaves file in the KDC's database directory, e.g. /var/heimdal/slaves. This has principals one per-line of the form iprop/slave@REALM where slave is the hostname of the slave server in the given REALM, e.g. iprop/ On a slave, the argument master specifies the hostname of the master server from which to receive updates. In contrast to hprop(8), which sends the whole database to the slaves regularly, iprop normally sends only the changes as they happen on the master. The master keeps track of all the changes by assigning a version number to every change to the database. The slaves know which was the latest version they saw, and in this way it can be determined if they are in sync or not. A log of all the changes is kept on the mas- ter. When a slave is at an older version than the oldest one in the log, the whole database has to be sent. The changes are propagated over a secure channel (on port 2121 by default). This should normally be defined as ``iprop/tcp'' in /etc/services or another source of the services database. The master and slaves must each have access to a keytab with keys for the iprop service principal on the local host. There is a keep-alive feature logged in the master's slave-stats file (e.g. /var/heimdal/slave-stats). Supported options for ipropd-master: -c string, --config-file=string -r string, --realm=string -k kspec, --keytab=kspec keytab to get authentication from -d file, --database=file Database (default per KDC) --slave-stats-file=file file for slave status information --time-missing=time time before slave is polled for presence (default 2 min) --time-gone=time time of inactivity after which a slave is considered gone (default 5 min) --detach detach from console --version --help Supported options for ipropd-slave: -c string, --config-file=string -r string, --realm=string -k kspec, --keytab=kspec keytab to get authentication from --time-lost=time time before server is considered lost (default 5 min) --detach detach from console --version --help Time arguments for the relevant options above may be specified in forms like 5 min, 300 s, or simply a number of seconds. FILES
slaves, slave-stats in the database directory. SEE ALSO
krb5.conf(5), hprop(8), hpropd(8), iprop-log(8), kdc(8). BSD
May 24, 2005 BSD

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