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Operating Systems Linux SuSE unable to ping virtualbox machine Post 302361314 by woofie on Tuesday 13th of October 2009 02:00:57 AM
Old 10-13-2009
unable to ping virtualbox machine

I current have Windows 7 running Virtualbox - OpenSUSE.

From SUSE I can ping the Windows box 10.10.x.x no problems.

But from the windows box I can't ping SUSE. I have tried disabling the firewall and sill no luck. Tried pinging host name and still no luck.

The network gives an IP from router with DHCP of 10.10.x.x and the virtual box has a ip of (SUSE IP for br0)

when I do a traceroute;
traceroute to 10.10.x.x (10.10.x.x), 30 hops max, 40 byte packets using UDP
1 ( 0.177 ms 0.152 ms 0.145 ms
2 ( 0.350 ms 0.466 ms 0.219 ms

I can get a ping for but have o idea what this address is for.

Does anyone know why I would not be able to ping the SUSE box from Windows? Or know of any guides I could have a read of? Google and a few other search have not come up with anything helpful so far Smilie

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MACPING(1)						      General Commands Manual							MACPING(1)

macping - A tool for pinging other RouterOS or mactelnetd devices SYNOPSIS
mactelnet [options] <MAC-Address|hostname> DESCRIPTION
This tool enables you to ping other RouterOS or MAC-Telnetd enabled devices. You can ping either a hostname or a MAC address. If speci- fied, the hostname (identity) will be looked up via MNDP discovery. OPTIONS
These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax. A summary of options is included below. -f Fast mode, do not wait before sending next ping request. The next ping will be sent immediately when the last ping is received. This cannot be used with -c 0 -s Specify the amount of bytes to send in each ping packet, up to ~1400 bytes. -c Number of packets to send before exiting. A value of 0 means unlimited packets and the tool must be exited with Control + C. -h Show summary of options. -v Show version of program. SEE ALSO
mndp(1), mactelnet(1), mactelnetd(1). AUTHOR
macping was written by Hakon Nessjoen <haakon.nessjoen@gmail.com>. This manual page was written by Hakon Nessjoen <haakon.nessjoen@gmail.com>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). February 27, 2011 MACPING(1)

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