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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Adding an attachment as an attachment to mailx Post 302355648 by jim mcnamara on Wednesday 23rd of September 2009 09:57:33 AM
Old 09-23-2009
uuencode filetoattach filetoattach | /usr/bin/mailx -s 'subject' bob@bob.com


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Hi , Whenever I try to mail to external email Id's ( like yahoo , gmail etc ) the attachment is getting corrupted. In the script I am using the mailx option as follows:- (cat $temp_mail; uuencode $temp_info_csv $temp_info_csv)|mailx -s "Report" -m $c_mail_id; where $temp_mail is the... (1 Reply)
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Mailx: How to send a attachment using mailx command

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mailx with -m command sending emails with attachments correctly to all users except users who have email on microsoft exchange server. They are receiving attachments as garbled text in mail body (5 Replies)
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mailx with attachment

Hi, When i used below command, i am able to send mail mailx -s "Testing mail working or not " babu.sudhakar@ymail.com" but if i want send attachment with mail,which syntax i need to follow to send a file as attachment. (3 Replies)
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Mailx attachment not getting attached.

Hi Friends, Please help me with this problem. I have a number of split files in a directory. each split files has pdf filenames in it. pdf files are also in the same directory. I send a mail for each split files present in the directory with the pdf file mentioned in the file. I have... (4 Replies)
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Problem with mailx attachment using uunendcode -m

We've been emailing uuencode'd PDF files as attachments with mailx for quite sometime with no problems. Recently we've expanded the volume and have intermittent problems with recipients unable to open the attachment. The same file can be successfully resent at a different time. It's been... (1 Reply)
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How to send a PDF attachment via MAILX?

Hi, We are using HPUX and have a script to send PDF attachment via MAILX Basically the script does the following: echo > $HOME/MY_mail_file uuencode o40881754.pdf o40881754.pdf >> MY_mail_file cat MY_mail_file | mailx -m -s "Sending PDF attachment" <email address> This script works... (7 Replies)
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uuencode(1)						      General Commands Manual						       uuencode(1)

uuencode, uudecode - Encodes or decodes a binary file SYNOPSIS
uuencode [file] remotefile uudecode [file...] STANDARDS
Interfaces documented on this reference page conform to industry standards as follows: uudecode: XCU5.0 uuencode: XCU5.0 Refer to the standards(5) reference page for more information about industry standards and associated tags. DESCRIPTION
The uuencode and uudecode commands are used to send a binary file via uucp or other mail. This combination can be used over indirect mail links even when uusend is not available. The uuencode command takes the named file (default standard input) and produces an encoded version on the standard output. The encoding uses only printing ASCII characters, and includes the mode of the file and the name for re-creation on the remote system, specified by remotefile. The uudecode command reads an encoded file, strips off any leading and trailing lines added by mailers, and recreates the original file with the specified mode and name. Filter the encode through the uudecode program. Filtering the file causes the original file to be auto- matically recreated. This is possible on the uucp network by using sendmail or by making rmail be a link to mailx. In each case, an alias must be created in a master file to get the automatic invocation of uudecode. If neither of the preceding facilities is available on a user's system, uudecode can be applied to the file manually by editing the file with any text editor, removing the trailing and leading lines, and changing the mode or remote system name. The encoded file is an ordinary text file. EXAMPLES
In the following example, the ex1 file is encoded; the output is also redirected to the ex1.out file: prompt> uuencode ex1 ex1.en > ex1.out If the source ex1 file is as follows: This example shows how to encode a file using uuencode and how to decode a file using uudecode. The encoded ex1.out file would be as follows: begin 644 ex1.en M5&AI<R!E>&%M<&QE('-H;W=S"G1H92!H;W<@=&@96YC;V1E"F$@9FEL92!U M<VEN9PIU=65N8V]D90IA;F0@:&]W('1O"F1E8V]D92!A(&9I;&4*=7-I;F<@ *=75D96-O9&4N"F]D ` end In the following example, the ex1.out file is decoded: prompt> uudecode ex1.out In this example, the uudecode command decodes the file and puts the output in ex1.en. To package up a source tree using tar, com- press it, uuencode it, and mail it to a user on another system, enter: tar cf - src_tree | compress | uuencode src_tree.tar.Z | mail sys1!sys2!user1 (Enter the command entirely on one line, not on two lines as shown above.) When uudecode is run on the target system, the src_tree.tar.Z file is created; it may then be uncompressed and dearchived with tar. SEE ALSO
Commands: ct(1), cu(1), mailx(1), Mail(1), rmail(1), sendmail(8), tip(1), uucico(8), uucleanup(8), uucp(1), uulog(1), uuname(1), uupick(1), uusched(8), uusend(1), uustat(1), uuto(1), uux(1) Standards: standards(5) uuencode(1)

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