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Full Discussion: Sort items on a single line
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Sort items on a single line Post 302353982 by jelloir on Wednesday 16th of September 2009 07:13:11 PM
Old 09-16-2009
Sort items on a single line

I am creating some documentation that includes a list of packages that are to be installed for a Debian Server.

This is a single line and I would like to sort the list of packages alphabetically.

Using a small example of the packages, the best I could come up with was as follows:

I create a file with the line in it.

echo "aspell-en lynx unzip bzip2 p7zip bzip2 gzip rar unrar tar zip unzip bash-completion" > /tmp/unsortedline.txt

I then use this command to try and sort the line.

tsort  /tmp/unsortedline.txt |sort -d |awk '{ str1=str1 $0 " "}END{ print str1 }'

However if you use my example above which has an odd number of items seperated by spaces you get this error

tsort: /tmp/unsortedline.txt: input contains an odd number of tokens

So I end up just putting another character in the file so there is an even amount and it then works and outputs the line alphabetically. I then remove the added character afterward.

Can anyone provide a more elegant way to do this?

Also, whilst on the subject if anyone has an idea on how I could insert " \" at the end of each line defined by a set amount of characters (72 for example) at the same time it would also be useful, e.g.

aspell-en bash-completion bzip2 \
gzip lynx p7zip rar tar unrar \
unzip zip


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ARK(1)								 KDE User's Manual							    ARK(1)

ark - KDE archiving tool SYNOPSIS
ark [-b] [-a] [-e] [-c] [-f suffix] [-p] [-t file] [-d] [-o directory] [KDE Generic Options] [Qt(TM) Generic Options] DESCRIPTION
Ark is a program for managing various compressed file formats within KDE. Archives can be viewed, extracted, created and modified with Ark. The program can handle various formats such as tar, gzip, bzip2, zip, rar (when the appropriate libraries or command-line programs are installed). OPERATION MODES
Ark can be used either as a stand-alone GUI program as well as a command-line program in order to perform some specific tasks. If invoked without the -b (--batch) or -c (--add) options, Ark is started as a normal GUI program. When the -b (--batch) option is used, Ark can be used to extract the contents of one or more files directly from the command-line, without launching its GUI. When the -c (--add) option is used, Ark prompts for files that should be added to a new archive or to an existing archive. OPTIONS
-d, --dialog Show a dialog for specifying the options for a batch or add operation. -o, --destination directory Default the extraction directory to directory. If not passed, the current path is used. Options for adding files -c, --add Query the user for an archive filename and add specified files to it. Quit when finished. -t, --add-to filename Add the specified files to filename. Create archive if it does not exist. Quit when finished. -p, --changetofirstpath Change the current directory to the first entry and add all other entries relative to this one. -f, --autofilename suffix Automatically choose a filename, with the selected suffix (for example rar, tar.gz, zip or any other supported types). Options for batch extraction b, --batch Use the batch interface instead of the usual dialog. This option is implied if more than one url is specified. -e, --autodestination The destination argument will be set to the path of the first file supplied. -a, --autosubfolder Archive contents will be read, and if detected to not be a single folder archive, a subfolder by the name of the archive will be created. EXAMPLES
ark --batch archive.tar.bz2 Will extract archive.tar.bz2 into the current directory without showing any GUI. ark -b -d archive.tar.bz2 archive2.zip Will first show an extraction options dialog and then extract both archive.tar.bz2 and archive2.zip into the directory chosen in the dialog. ark --add-to my-archive.zip photo1.jpg text.txt Will create my-archive.zip if does not exist and then add photo1.jpg and text.txt to it. AUTHORS
Ark is currently maintained by Harald Hvaal haraldhv@stud.ntnu.no and Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito@gmail.com. This man page was first written by Lauri Watts lauri@kde.org in 2005 for KDE 3.4, and was later updated in 2009 by Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito@gmail.com. AUTHORS
Lauri Watts <lauri@kde.org> Author. Raphael Kubo da Costa <kubito@gmail.com> Author. K Desktop Environment 2.13 (KD 2009-09-10 ARK(1)

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