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Full Discussion: Help The Helpdesk?!!
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Old 09-11-2009
Help The Helpdesk?!!

-- Thanks in advance for any help --
This is a osx specific typically 10.5.x -10.6.x

I work at a mac helpdesk - and we do allot of Data Transfers/Migrations
As things go, at the helpdesk, with the world of computers; (hard drives) are not always willing to play nice.

So here is the proverbial scenario

Data Migration or Transfer from one computer to another, and from the computer we are transferring from the HD is mounting and smart status if passing... but...

1, Migration fails - due to hanging or data corruption
2. Imaging in Disk Utility fails with "Input/output error"
3. I use...

Cp -Rvf

And this generally this works for me because it will get everything off of the computer that it can read from the drive...

What I want to do, and do not know how, is three things essentially.

1. Run "Cp -Rvf" and log output to a "DT.txt file" as well
2. Run "Cp -Rvf" and log Just log (or filter) Just "Input/output errors" to and errors.txt
or Ideally
3. Run "Cp -Rvf" and log entire transfer to DT.txt and log just "Input/output errors" to errors.txt

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dos2unix - DOS/MAC to UNIX text file format converter SYNOPSYS
dos2unix [options] [-c convmode] [-o file ...] [-n infile outfile ...] Options: [-hkqV] [--help] [--keepdate] [--quiet] [--version] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents dos2unix, the program that converts plain text files in DOS/MAC format to UNIX format. OPTIONS
The following options are available: -h --help Print online help. -k --keepdate Keep the date stamp of output file same as input file. -q --quiet Quiet mode. Suppress all warning and messages. -V --version Prints version information. -c --convmode convmode Sets conversion mode. Simulates dos2unix under SunOS. -o --oldfile file ... Old file mode. Convert the file and write output to it. The program default to run in this mode. Wildcard names may be used. -n --newfile infile outfile ... New file mode. Convert the infile and write output to outfile. File names must be given in pairs and wildcard names should NOT be used or you WILL lost your files. EXAMPLES
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The program does not work properly under MSDOS in stdio processing mode. If you know why is that so, please tell me. AUTHORS
Benjamin Lin - <> Bernd Johannes Wuebben (mac2unix mode) <> MISCELLANY
Tested environment: Linux 1.2.0 with GNU C 2.5.8 SunOS 4.1.3 with GNU C 2.6.3 MS-DOS 6.20 with Borland C++ 4.02 Suggestions and bug reports are welcome. SEE ALSO
unix2dos(1) mac2unix(1) 1995.03.31 dos2unix v3.0 dos2unix(1)

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