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echo "Check and see if ${COWORKER} is in"
who | grep -i ${COWORKER} > /dev/null
if [ ${?} -eq 0 ]
  echo "Yes"
  echo "No"

# bill
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #769
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Intel Core i7 (2008) has an 8 MB on-die unified L3 cache that is inclusive, shared by all cores.
True or False?

gearman_worker_unregister_all - Gearmand Documentation, SYNOPSIS
#include <libgearman/gearman.h> gearman_worker_st gearman_worker_set_task_context_free_fn int gearman_worker_timeout(gearman_worker_st *worker) void gearman_worker_set_timeout(gearman_worker_st *worker, int timeout) void *gearman_worker_context(const gearman_worker_st *worker) void gearman_worker_set_context(gearman_worker_st *worker, void *context) void gearman_worker_set_workload_malloc_fn(gearman_worker_st *worker, gearman_malloc_fn *function, void *context) void gearman_worker_set_workload_free_fn(gearman_worker_st *worker, gearman_free_fn *function, void *context) gearman_return_t gearman_worker_wait(gearman_worker_st *worker) gearman_return_t gearman_worker_register(gearman_worker_st *worker, const char *function_name, uint32_t timeout) gearman_return_t gearman_worker_unregister(gearman_worker_st *worker, const char *function_name) gearman_return_t gearman_worker_unregister_all(gearman_worker_st *worker) gearman_job_st *gearman_worker_grab_job(gearman_worker_st *worker, gearman_job_st *job, gearman_return_t *ret_ptr) void gearman_job_free_all(gearman_worker_st *worker) bool gearman_worker_function_exist(gearman_worker_st *worker, const char *function_name, size_t function_length) gearman_return_t gearman_worker_work(gearman_worker_st *worker) Link with -lgearman DESCRIPTION
gearman_worker_st is used for worker communication with the server. gearman_worker_context() and gearman_worker_set_context() can be used to store an arbitrary object for the user. gearman_worker_set_task_context_free_fn() sets a trigger that will be called when a gearman_task_st is released. gearman_worker_timeout() and gearman_worker_set_timeout() get and set the current timeout value, in milliseconds, for the worker. gearman_worker_function_exist() is used to determine if a given worker has a specific function. Normally malloc(3) and free(3) are used for allocation and releasing workloads. gearman_worker_set_workload_malloc_fn() and gearman_worker_set_workload_free_fn() can be used to replace these with custom functions. If you need to remove a function from the server you can call either gearman_worker_unregister_all() to remove all functions that the worker has told the gearmand server about, or you can use gearman_worker_unregister() to remove just a single function. RETURN
Various HOME
To find out more information please check: SEE ALSO
gearmand(8) libgearman(3) AUTHOR
Data Differential COPYRIGHT
2012, Data Differential, 0.33 May 04, 2012 GEARMAN_WORKER_UNREGISTER_ALL(3)

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