Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Count number of compressed files in a tar.gz archive Post 302344232 by vrk1219 on Saturday 15th of August 2009 08:42:58 AM
Question Count number of compressed files in a tar.gz archive

Hi Folks,
I have a tar.gz compressed file with me, and I want to know the number of files in the archive without uncompressing it.
Please let me know how I can achieve it.

RK Veluvali
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ARCHIVE_WRITE_FILTER(3) 				   BSD Library Functions Manual 				   ARCHIVE_WRITE_FILTER(3)

archive_write_add_filter_bzip2, archive_write_add_filter_compress, archive_write_add_filter_gzip, archive_write_add_filter_lzip, archive_write_add_filter_lzma, archive_write_add_filter_none, archive_write_add_filter_program, archive_write_add_filter_xz LIBRARY
Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive) SYNOPSIS
#include <archive.h> int archive_write_add_filter_bzip2(struct archive *); int archive_write_add_filter_compress(struct archive *); int archive_write_add_filter_gzip(struct archive *); int archive_write_add_filter_lzip(struct archive *); int archive_write_add_filter_lzma(struct archive *); int archive_write_add_filter_none(struct archive *); int archive_write_add_filter_program(struct archive *, const char * cmd); int archive_write_add_filter_xz(struct archive *); DESCRIPTION
archive_write_add_filter_bzip2(), archive_write_add_filter_compress(), archive_write_add_filter_gzip(), archive_write_add_filter_lzip(), archive_write_add_filter_lzma(), archive_write_add_filter_xz(), The resulting archive will be compressed as specified. Note that the compressed output is always properly blocked. archive_write_add_filter_none() This is never necessary. It is provided only for backwards compatibility. archive_write_add_filter_program() The archive will be fed into the specified compression program. The output of that program is blocked and written to the client write callbacks. RETURN VALUES
These functions return ARCHIVE_OK on success, or ARCHIVE_FATAL. ERRORS
Detailed error codes and textual descriptions are available from the archive_errno() and archive_error_string() functions. SEE ALSO
tar(1), libarchive(3), archive_write(3), archive_write_format(3), archive_write_set_options(3), cpio(5), mtree(5), tar(5) BSD
February 2, 2012 BSD

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