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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed with many special characters Post 302343800 by jim mcnamara on Thursday 13th of August 2009 04:05:22 PM
Old 08-13-2009
Your code is complicated. It looks like you a removing the embedded filename inside a file then writing it out, resulting in one large file.

try this
cat $( < source.txt) | grep -v -f source.txt > newbigfile

This won't work if the filenames in source.txt have spaces or odd characters.
If that is the case start with this
awk '{ printf("'%s'", $0) }' source.txt > src.txt
cat $( < source.txt) | grep -v -f src.txt > newbigfile

IF this doesn't work post the contents of source.txt

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symlink(2)							System Calls Manual							symlink(2)

       symlink - make symbolic link to a file

       symlink(name1, name2)
       char *name1, *name2;

       A  symbolic link name2 is created to name1 (name2 is the name of the file created, name1 is the string used in creating the symbolic link).
       Either name can be an arbitrary path name.  The files need not be on the same file system.

Return Values
       Upon successful completion, a zero (0) value is returned.  If an error occurs, the error code is  stored  in  errno,  and  a  -1  value	is

       The symbolic link is made, unless one or more of the following are true:

       [ENOTDIR]      A component of the name2 prefix is not a directory.

       [EEXIST]       The name2 already exists.

       [EACCES]       A component of the name2 path prefix denies search permission.

       [EROFS]	      The file name2 would reside on a read-only file system.

       [EFAULT]       The name1 or name2 points outside the process's allocated address space.

       [ELOOP]	      Too many symbolic links were encountered in translating the pathname.

       [ENAMETOOLONG] A  component of either pathname exceeded MAXNAMELEN characters, or the entire length of either pathname exceeded MAXPATHNAME

       [ENOENT]       The named file does not exist.

       [EIO]	      An I/O error occurred while making the directory entry for name2, or allocating the inode for name2, or writing out the link
		      contents of name2.

       [ENOSPC]       The  directory  in  which  the entry for the new symbolic link is being placed cannot be extended, because there is no space
		      left on the file system containing the directory.

       [ENOSPC]       The new symbolic link cannot be created, because there is no space left on the file system that will  contain  the  symbolic

       [ENOSPC]       There are no free inodes on the file system on which the symbolic link is being created.

       [EDQUOT]       The  directory  in  which the entry for the new symbolic link is being placed cannot be extended because the user's quota of
		      disk blocks on the file system containing the directory has been exhausted.

       [EDQUOT]       The new symbolic link cannot be created because the user's quota of disk blocks on the file system  that	will  contain  the
		      symbolic link has been exhausted.

       [EDQUOT]       The user's quota of inodes on the file system on which the user's symbolic link is being created has been exhausted.

       [EIO]	      An I/O error occurred while making the directory entry or allocating the inode.

       [ETIMEDOUT]    A  connect  request  or remote file operation failed, because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of
		      time that is dependent on the communications protocol.

See Also
       ln(1), link(2), readlink(2), stat(2), unlink(2)


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