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Operating Systems Solaris opensolrias : login incorrect in intalation? Post 302342830 by Hyagosallet on Monday 10th of August 2009 11:47:42 PM
Old 08-11-2009
The HD is formated and i give boot from CD/DVD.HD is empty!
and when I will go install:
login incorrect.
i try version 2008 and 2009 and nothing
I know which the problem is with me. lol but, I will go work this problem

sorry my english....8(

visit my blog Binary Youniverse and look the pictures because the text is in portuguese, but is coming soon in english.

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HMOUNT(1)						      General Commands Manual							 HMOUNT(1)

hmount - introduce a new HFS volume and make it current SYNOPSIS
hmount source-path [partition-no] DESCRIPTION
hmount is used to introduce a new HFS volume. A UNIX pathname to the volume's source must be specified. The source may be a block device or a regular file containing an HFS volume image. If the source medium is partitioned, one partition must be selected to be mounted. If there is only one HFS partition on the medium, it will be selected by default. Otherwise, the desired partition number must be specified (as the ordinal nth HFS partition) on the command- line. Partition number 0 can be specified to refer to the entire medium, ignoring what might otherwise be perceived as a partition map, although in practice this is probably only useful if you want this command to fail when the medium is partitioned. The mounted volume becomes "current" so subsequent commands will refer to it. The current working directory for the volume is set to the root of the volume. This information is kept in a file named .hcwd in the user's home directory. If the source medium is changed (e.g. floppy or CD-ROM disc exchanged) after hmount has been called, subsequent HFS commands will fail until the original medium is replaced or a different volume is made current. To use the same source path with the different medium, reissue the hmount command. EXAMPLES
% hmount /dev/fd0 If a Macintosh floppy disk is available as /dev/fd0, this command makes the floppy current for other HFS commands such as hls(1), hcd(1), hcopy(1), etc. % hmount /dev/sd2 1 If a SCSI disk is available as /dev/sd2, this command finds the first HFS partition on the medium and makes it available for other HFS operations. NOTES
hmount does not actually mount an HFS partition over a UNIX directory in the traditional mount(8) sense. It is merely a "virtual" mount, as a point of convenience for future HFS operations. Each HFS command independently opens, operates on, and closes the named source path given to hmount. SEE ALSO
hfsutils(1), hformat(1), humount(1), hvol(1) FILES
Robert Leslie <rob@mars.org> HFSUTILS
08-Nov-1997 HMOUNT(1)

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