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Full Discussion: iptables for AIX server !
Operating Systems AIX iptables for AIX server ! Post 302341433 by shipon_97 on Thursday 6th of August 2009 02:29:40 AM
Old 08-06-2009
iptables for AIX server !

Dear Friends ,

I am working iptables in Linux environment . Like linux, is there any iptables for AIX 5.3 server ?

Actulally I want to block some ip request from remote machine to AIX server . For this reason , I need a firewall system in AIX .

Does anybody plz give me any idea plz ?
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iptables-apply(8)					      System Manager's Manual						 iptables-apply(8)

iptables-apply - a safer way to update iptables remotely SYNOPSIS
iptables-apply [-hV] [-t timeout] ruleset-file DESCRIPTION
iptables-apply will try to apply a new ruleset (as output by iptables-save/read by iptables-restore) to iptables, then prompt the user whether the changes are okay. If the new ruleset cut the existing connection, the user will not be able to answer affirmatively. In this case, the script rolls back to the previous ruleset after the timeout expired. The timeout can be set with -t. When called as ip6tables-apply, the script will use ip6tables-save/-restore instead. OPTIONS
-t seconds, --timeout seconds Sets the timeout after which the script will roll back to the previous ruleset. -h, --help Display usage information. -V, --version Display version information. SEE ALSO
iptables-restore(8), iptables-save(8), iptables(8). LEGALESE
iptables-apply is copyright by Martin F. Krafft. This manual page was written by Martin F. Krafft <> Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0. 2006-06-04 iptables-apply(8)

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