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Full Discussion: bootup sequence
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers bootup sequence Post 302340874 by karthi_g on Tuesday 4th of August 2009 02:24:13 PM
Old 08-04-2009
bootup sequence

What is the boot up sequence in UNIX?

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Hi guys, May I know how to install Solaris 8 in the way that I can triple boot it with my the other two OS: WIndows ME and Windows 2000 Pro. Can you all please kindly advise me on how to setup the triple boot process inorder to allow Windows ME to be the default OS when being ask to choose... (1 Reply)
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bootup script

Hello there I need to run a script whenever i reboot or startup my HP-UX server. This script adds some routes to the route table, and it start third party aplications like "Star Manager". I thought i could do this simply putting the script in "/sbin/init.d, and a link to the script in... (7 Replies)
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Bootup Error

Hi all The following error was displayed when a sco server (5.0.5) was booted. What should be done to overcome the problem. Replies appreciated. Bios 03.0 0130688 KB memory good 01 processor(s) in system remote console dialing on, please wait connect fail : modem off cpu clock... (6 Replies)
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Why not automatic bootup

Evry time I start up my mavhine ,have to type in unix at Boot : Is there a way unix should bootup automatically? Asif (2 Replies)
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How to start ssh at bootup

Hi i installed ssh of version v 1.21 and my AIX is of 5.3. I want to start my ssh deamon at the startup can any one please help me out reg.. Thanks in advance.. (1 Reply)
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File system not mounting at bootup

Hi, I've got a recent problem with 2 file systems on an AIX 5.3 server. The fs's are marked to auto mount at startup and do show as being mounted after a a restart however if you cd to the mount point and 'df -g .' it shows the fs hasn't actually mounted. $ mount |grep SQLT0001.0 ... (2 Replies)
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system slows after bootup for some time

Hi, I am using a Linux system running at run level 3. I am finding a wired problem, once the system boots, the system terminal slows down, I need to type the characters repeatedly to enter my login and password info. Also running any commands takes time, it stays in this condition for some... (1 Reply)
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Sunfire X4600 Errors on Bootup

Hi Folks, Has anyone seen these errors on bootup. Mar 15 12:22:30 svc.startd: svc:/system/device/local:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/devices-local" failed due to signal SEGV.ht (c) 1983, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Configuring devices. ... (1 Reply)
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find common entries and match the number with long sequence and cut that sequence in output

Hi all, I have a file like this ID 3BP5L_HUMAN Reviewed; 393 AA. AC Q7L8J4; Q96FI5; Q9BQH8; Q9C0E3; DT 05-FEB-2008, integrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot. DT 05-JUL-2004, sequence version 1. DT 05-SEP-2012, entry version 71. FT COILED 59 140 ... (1 Reply)
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Error F painit on bootup

I have a known good external SCSI HD running SCO UNIX OpenServer 5.0.7. I decided that I wanted to be able to run this drive on another computer, so I bought the same SCSI card as before (LSI) and then attempted to boot on the other system. The bootup process hung with the error F painit. I've... (13 Replies)
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BP_MASK_BY_SEARCH(1p)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     BP_MASK_BY_SEARCH(1p)

mask_by_search - mask sequence(s) based on its alignment results SYNOPSIS
mask_by_search.pl -f blast genomefile blastfile.bls > maskedgenome.fa DESCRIPTION
Mask sequence based on significant alignments of another sequence. You need to provide the report file and the entire sequence data which you want to mask. By default this will assume you have done a TBLASTN (or TFASTY) and try and mask the hit sequence assuming you've provided the sequence file for the hit database. If you would like to do the reverse and mask the query sequence specify the -t/--type query flag. This is going to read in the whole sequence file into memory so for large genomes this may fall over. I'm using DB_File to prevent keeping everything in memory, one solution is to split the genome into pieces (BEFORE you run the DB search though, you want to use the exact file you BLASTed with as input to this program). Below the double dash (--) options are of the form --format=fasta or --format fasta or you can just say -f fasta By -f/--format I mean either are acceptable options. The =s or =n or =c specify these arguments expect a 'string' Options: -f/--format=s Search report format (fasta,blast,axt,hmmer,etc) -sf/--sformat=s Sequence format (fasta,genbank,embl,swissprot) --hardmask (booelean) Hard mask the sequence with the maskchar [default is lowercase mask] --maskchar=c Character to mask with [default is N], change to 'X' for protein sequences -e/--evalue=n Evalue cutoff for HSPs and Hits, only mask sequence if alignment has specified evalue or better -o/--out/ --outfile=file Output file to save the masked sequence to. -t/--type=s Alignment seq type you want to mask, the 'hit' or the 'query' sequence. [default is 'hit'] --minlen=n Minimum length of an HSP for it to be used in masking [default 0] -h/--help See this help information AUTHOR - Jason Stajich Jason Stajich, jason-at-bioperl-dot-org. perl v5.14.2 2012-03-02 BP_MASK_BY_SEARCH(1p)

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