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Full Discussion: using rsync
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting using rsync Post 302338990 by danmero on Wednesday 29th of July 2009 11:52:07 AM
Old 07-29-2009
for i in srv1 srv2 srv3
    ssh <user>@${i} 'cat /path../webroot.txt 2>&1' >> /tmp/webroot_all.txt

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ipa-csreplica-manage(1) 					 IPA Manual Pages					   ipa-csreplica-manage(1)

ipa-csreplica-manage - Manage an IPA CS replica SYNOPSIS
ipa-csreplica-manage [OPTION]... [connect|disconnect|del|list|re-initialize|force-sync] DESCRIPTION
Manages the CA replication agreements of an IPA server. connect [SERVER_A] <SERVER_B> - Adds a new replication agreement between SERVER_A/localhost and SERVER_B disconnect [SERVER_A] <SERVER_B> - Removes a replication agreement between SERVER_A/localhost and SERVER_B del <SERVER> - Removes all replication agreements and data about SERVER list [SERVER] - Lists all the servers or the list of agreements of SERVER re-initialize - Forces a full re-initialization of the IPA CA server retrieving data from the server specified with the --from option force-sync - Immediately flush any data to be replicated from a server specified with the --from option The connect and disconnect options are used to manage the replication topology. When a replica is created it is only connected with the master that created it. The connect option may be used to connect it to other existing replicas. The disconnect option cannot be used to remove the last link of a replica. To remove a replica from the topology use the del option. If a replica is deleted and then re-added within a short time-frame then the 389-ds instance on the master that created it should be restarted before re-installing the replica. The master will have the old service principals cached which will cause replication to fail. OPTIONS
-H HOST, --host=HOST The IPA server to manage. The default is the machine on which the command is run Not honoured by the re-initialize command. -p DM_PASSWORD, --password=DM_PASSWORD The Directory Manager password to use for authentication -v, --verbose Provide additional information -f, --force Ignore some types of errors --from=SERVER The server to pull the data from, used by the re-initialize and force-sync commands. EXAMPLES
List a server's replication agreements. # ipa-csreplica-manage list Re-initialize a replica: # ipa-csreplica-manage re-initialize --from This will re-initialize the data on the server where you execute the command, retrieving the data from the replica Add a new replication agreement: # ipa-csreplica-manage connect Remove an existing replication agreement: # ipa-csreplica-manage disconnect Completely remove a replica: # ipa-csreplica-manage del Using connect/disconnect you can manage the replication topology. EXIT STATUS
0 if the command was successful 1 if an error occurred IPA
Jul 14 2011 ipa-csreplica-manage(1)

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