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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help with why I need to use ./ Post 302337105 by basher on Thursday 23rd of July 2009 11:25:17 AM
Old 07-23-2009
Don't confuse . (source the script) with ./ (Under the current directory)

. test.sh = source test.sh

Now the shell looks for the directories in the path ($PATH). If it finds test.sh in any of those directories it will execute or you would have to go to that directory and do a ./test.sh
To avoid doing a ./ do the following.
Edit your .bash_profile or .bashrc file under your home directory.
add the line
export PATH='$PATH:.' -> i.e. add a . to the end of the path

If this doesn't work for you change the single quotes to double quotes.
Run echo $PATH to check if the path is correct.
FILECAP:(8)						  System Administration Utilities					       FILECAP:(8)

filecap - a program to see capabilities SYNOPSIS
filecap [ -a | -d | /dir | /dir/file [cap1 cap2 ...] ] DESCRIPTION
filecap is a program that prints out a report of programs with file based capabilities. If a file is not in the report or there is no report at all, no capabilities were found. For expedience, the default is to check only the directories in the PATH environmental variable. If the -a command line option is given, then all directories will be checked. If a directory is passed, it will recursively check that directory. If a path to a file is given, it will only check that file. If the path to the file includes capabilities, then they are written to the file. OPTIONS
-a This tells the program to show all capabilities starting from the / directory. Normally the PATH environmental variable is used to show you capabilities on files you are likely to execute. -d This dumps all capabilities for reference. EXAMPLES
To check file capabilities in $PATH: filecap To check file capabilities of whole system: filecap -a To check file capabilities recursively in a directory: filecap /usr To check file capabilities of a specific program: filecap /bin/passwd To list all possible capabilities: filecap -d To set a file capability on a specific program: filecap /bin/ping net_raw net_admin SEE ALSO
pscap(8), netcap(8), capabilities(7). AUTHOR
Steve Grubb Red Hat March 2009 FILECAP:(8)

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