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Assuming the only files in the current directory with a filename pattern of file_0*.txt are the ones you wish to make editted copies of then the following would do the trick:

for FILE in file_0*.txt; do
  awk '{ gsub(/\./,"N"); print }' ${FILE} > path/to/new/dir/${FILE}

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pymcaroitool(1) 					 PyMca X-Ray Fluorescence Toolkit					   pymcaroitool(1)

pymcaroitool - PyMca region-of-interest imaging X application SYNOPSIS
pymcaroitool [OPTIONS]... [FILE(S)] DESCRIPTION
Start the graphical user interface of the PyMca X-Ray Fluorescence Toolkit region-of-interest imaging tool. This tool is best suited for handling datasets that can be represented by three-dimensional arrays. Typical cases are stacks of images (first dimension is image number) or 2D maps of 1D spectra (last dimension is spectrum channel number). It allows to display maps of particular regions of the spectra or spectra of a particular region of the map. A system of plugins allow to extend the capabilities of this tool. Plugins for multivariate analysis are already built in. If FILE is given, it will be opened in the program provided its format is supported. EXAMPLES
pymcaroitool Start the program with a file browser to select the input files. pymcaroitool file_0001.edf Tries to open the file named file_0001.edf and all indexed files of the form file_????.edf where ???? is a number. pymcaroitool --imagestack=1 file_0001.edf Tries to open the file named file_0001.edf and all indexed files of the form file_????.edf where ???? is a number as a set of images. pymcaroitool uncompressed_tiff_file_0001.tif Tries to open a series of uncompressed TIFF files as an image stack. pymcaroitool --begin=100 --end=200 --filepattern=file_%05d.edf Start the program loading the single indexed files from file_00100.edf to file_00200.edf pymcaroitool --begin=10,100 --end=20,200 --filepattern=row%d_col%03d.dat Load the double indexed files from row10_col100.dat, row10_col101.dat, ... to row20_col00199.dat, row20_col00200.dat CAVEATS
If files and are present in the same directory, the program will always try to load both of them unless a cumbersome way using a file pattern is used. SEE ALSO
HDF5, h5py ESRF
March 2012 pymcaroitool(1)

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