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Full Discussion: Help with task daemon
Top Forums Programming Help with task daemon Post 302305837 by james2432 on Thursday 9th of April 2009 09:40:24 PM
Old 04-09-2009
Thanks for the help i was tired(i program all day long) and facepalmed when you mentioned the %d for decimal... i should have known

everything is sort of working mplayer never quits now :P
          int rc=system("ps -C mplayer -opid=");
          rc = WEXITSTATUS(rc); /* Check if mplayer is running */
            printf("I was here pid: %d\n",rc); 
       if(rc > 0 ){
              pid = fork(); 
                if (pid == 0)  
          {/*fork error*/}
return (0); 
void  ChildProcess(void) 
     system("mplayer ~/test.avi"); 
void  ParentProcess(void) 

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TH-CMD(1)							Triggerhappy daemon							 TH-CMD(1)

th-cmd -- triggerhappy commander SYNOPSIS
th-cmd --socket <socket> [--passfd] [--tag <foo>] [--clear|--enable|--disable|--mode <mode>|--quit|--udev|--add <devices...>|--remove <devices...>] DESCRIPTION
This program is used to issue commands to a running triggerhappy daemon. It utilizes an unix domain socket bound by the daemon. OPTIONS
--socket socket The socket file opened by the running triggerhappy daemon instance. --add <devices...> Instruct the running daemon to open the input devices specified on the command line --remove <devices...> Remove specified devices from the running daemon. --clear Remove all devices from the running daemon. --udev Deduce operation and device name from udev environment (for use in udev rules). --disable Disable the execution of triggers. --enable Re-enable the execution of triggers. --mode <newmode> Change the mode of the triggerhappy daemon to <newmode>. If no new mode is specified, the daemon switches to default mode. --quit Terminate the triggerhappy daemon. --passfd Instead of instructing the daemon to open the device, open the device and pass the file descriptor to the daemon. This allows the adding of new devices to a daemon having dropped its privileges, however the th-cmd process must have access to the device file. --grab Grab the device; the triggerhappy daemon will try to get exclusive access to the device, other applications will not receive the events emitted by it. --tag foo Label the added device with the tag <foo>; this can be used to limit the scope of event handlers to a subset of input devices. AUTHOR
Stefan Tomanek <> 0.3.4 2011-05-10 TH-CMD(1)

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