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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Kernel module compilation problem Post 302300636 by natraj on Tuesday 24th of March 2009 04:17:37 PM
Old 03-24-2009
Kernel module compilation problem

Dear Marcintom,

Just saw your post on compiling the kernel modules spanning multiple files. I am not able to do it .
I have one file mod.c (the main kernel module) and one list.c (which is the library)
Could you please help me with the following questions ..
1) Is a header file needed (list.h) to be included in the mod.c ?
2) do we need to write the list.c in the kernel mode (using #define __kernel___) and using kmalloc etc ?
3) How would you write the make file ?

Right now If i try writing list.c in the kernel mode and use the makefile that u have give it give a lot of compile errors and if i write it in the user mode it give un known symobol while loading the module somehow it is not able to link would be great if you could please help.

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INTRO(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						  INTRO(9)

intro -- introduction to system kernel interfaces DESCRIPTION
This section contains information about the interfaces and subroutines in the kernel. PROTOTYPES ANSI-C AND ALL THAT Yes please. We would like all code to be fully prototyped. If your code compiles cleanly with cc -Wall we would feel happy about it. It is important to understand that this is not a question of just shutting up cc, it is a question about avoiding the things it complains about. To put it bluntly, do not hide the problem by casting and other obfuscating practices, solve the problem. INDENTATION AND STYLE
Believe it or not, there actually exists a guide for indentation and style. It is not generally applied though. We would appreciate if people would pay attention to it, and at least not violate it blatantly. We do not mind it too badly if you have your own style, but please make sure we can read it too. Please take time to read style(9) for more information. NAMING THINGS
Some general rules exist: 1. If a function is meant as a debugging aid in DDB, it should be enclosed in #ifdef DDB #endif /* DDB */ And the name of the procedure should start with the prefix DDB_ to clearly identify the procedure as a debugger routine. SCOPE OF SYMBOLS
It is important to carefully consider the scope of symbols in the kernel. The default is to make everything static, unless some reason requires the opposite. There are several reasons for this policy, the main one is that the kernel is one monolithic name-space, and pollution is not a good idea here either. For device drivers and other modules that do not add new internal interfaces to the kernel, the entire source should be in one file if possi- ble. That way all symbols can be made static. If for some reason a module is split over multiple source files, then try to split the module along some major fault-line and consider using the number of global symbols as your guide. The fewer the better. SEE ALSO
style(9) HISTORY
The intro section manual page appeared in FreeBSD 2.2. BSD
December 13, 1995 BSD

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