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If your awk version supports the sub() string function *and* if your record always have the same layout, here is another way of doing it:

awk  'BEGIN{RS="\n\n"; FS="\n"}{sub(/^.+State/, "State", $2); sub(/Max.+$/, "", $14); print $1,$2,$14}' file

Or, if you hate the one-liner style of coding:
awk  '
	sub(/^.+State/, "State", $2)
	sub(/Max.+$/, "", $14)
	print $1,$2,$14
}' file

Edit: By reading the OP, I just realized that I stopped at the first request. So, go for the Radoulov's snippet. I can't think of anything better.

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wnn_cvt_xim_tbl(4)						   File Formats 						wnn_cvt_xim_tbl(4)

wnn_cvt_xim_tbl - Key conversion table for xjsi SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/locale/ja/wnn/cvt_xim_tbl DESCRIPTION
cvt_xim_tbl defines the conversion table for keyboard input and key code.xjsi(1) converts keyboard input (KeySym) to code (Wnn_code) by using of cvt_key_tbl. SYNTAX State-or-KeySym Wnn_code State-or-KeySym = [States]KeySym-name States = State-name | [SState-or-KeySym and Wnn_code must be separated with a space character or tab. Lines beginning with a semicolon (;) are comments. CODE DESCRIPTION Octal number 0?? Decimal number ?? Hexadecimal number 0x?? or 0X?? EXAMPLES
Example 1: Meta|Left 0x9A Meta|Up 0x99 Meta|F11 0x95 Meta|minus 0x81 Meta|asciicircum 0x82 Kanji 0x81 F1 0x91 F2 0x90 Meta|Shift|F1 0x91 SEE ALSO
xjsi(1), uumkey(4), wnn_2A_CTRL(4) NOTES
Code converted by cvt_xim_tbl is evaluated by the Automaton table 2A_CTRL (default) and then by uumkey. SunOS 5.10 10 Jan 2003 wnn_cvt_xim_tbl(4)

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