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Keeping padding in a date field

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Keeping padding in a date field.
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Old Unix and Linux 01-12-2009   -   Original Discussion by seanbyrne
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Originally Posted by seanbyrne View Post
Still having a problem though, i'm plugging the variable into a sed command and its still not padding the %e variable:

CURRENT_DATE="$(date +"%a %b %e")"

sed -n '/^"$CURRENT_DATE"/,$ p' /var/sean/errorlog.log > /tmp/tempfile.tmp

You are not plugging the variable into the sed command; you are giving it a literal string because it is within single quotes.

CURRENT_DATE=$(date +"%a %b %e")
sed -n "/^$CURRENT_DATE/,$ p" /var/sean/errorlog.log > /tmp/tempfile.tmp