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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Grabbing variables and comparing Post 302225813 by redoubtable on Sunday 17th of August 2008 05:28:25 AM
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perl -pe 'use Socket; /(\d+.\d+.\d+.\d+)\s#(.*?)\s*$/; $dig=inet_ntoa(inet_aton($2)); s/$1/$dig/ if ($dig ne $1);' FILE > && mv FILE

FILE is where you have the old addresses. You must change that in order for this to work.

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EZ-IPUPDATE(8)							Dynamic DNS client						    EZ-IPUPDATE(8)

ez-ipupdate - dynamic DNS client SYNOPSIS
ez-ipupdate [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the ez-ipupdate dynamic DNS client. OPTIONS
ez-ipupdate follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). -a, --address <ip address> string to send as your ip address -b, --cache-file <file> file to use for caching the ipaddress -c, --config-file <file> configuration file, almost all arguments can be given with: <name>[=<value>] to see a list of possible config commands try "echo help | ez-ipupdate -c -" -d, --daemon run as a daemon periodicly updating if necessary -e, --execute <command> shell command to execute after a successful update -f, --foreground when running as a daemon run in the foreground -F, --pidfile <file> use <file> as a pid file -g, --request-uri <uri> URI to send updates to -h, --host <host> string to send as host parameter -i, --interface <iface> which interface to use -L, --cloak_title <host> some stupid thing for DHS only -m, --mx <mail exchange> string to send as your mail exchange -M, --max-interval <# of sec> max time in between updates -N, --notify-email <email> address to send mail to if bad things happen -o, --offline set to off line mode -p, --resolv-period <sec> period to check IP if it can't be resolved -P, --period <# of sec> period to check IP in daemon mode (default: 1800 seconds) -q, --quiet be quiet -r, --retrys <num> number of trys (default: 1) -R, --run-as-user <user> change to <user> for running, be ware that this can cause problems with handeling SIGHUP properly if that user can't read the config file. also it can't write it's pid file to a root directory -Q, --run-as-euser <user> change to effective <user> for running, this is NOT secure but it does solve the problems with run-as-user and config files and pid files. -s, --server <server[:port]> the server to connect to -S, --service-type <server> the type of service that you are using try one of: null ezip pgpow dhs dyndns dyndns-static dyndns-custom ods tzo easydns easydns- partner gnudip justlinux dyns hn zoneedit heipv6tb -t, --timeout <sec.millisec> the amount of time to wait on I/O -T, --connection-type <num> number sent to TZO as your connection type (default: 1) -U, --url <url> string to send as the url parameter -u, --user <user[:passwd]> user ID and password, if either is left blank they will be prompted for -w, --wildcard set your domain to have a wildcard alias -z, --partner <partner> specify easyDNS partner (for easydns-partner services) --help display this help and exit --version output version information and exit --credits print the credits and exit --signalhelp print help about signals AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Sam Hocevar <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). ez-ipupdate - 3.0.11b7 February 2003 EZ-IPUPDATE(8)

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