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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting script grabbing cvs file ..... Post 302145857 by llsmr777 on Thursday 15th of November 2007 01:48:30 PM
Old 11-15-2007
Thank you for the reply. I am really new to scripting so it is very important that I understand the syntax.

I want it to be a korn script so is the only change there is:

#!/bin/sh to #!/bin/ksh

cd some-dir - understand this
if test "$?" = "0" - what does this mean
then - i know that if whatever above means do this below
if cvs co filename - why can if statement? cuz if the file is not found?
then - once the file is checked out do below
cp filename $HOME/filename

Thanks again!!!
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CVS-SWITCHROOT(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 					 CVS-SWITCHROOT(1)

cvs-switchroot -- change repository or tag in a cvs working copy SYNOPSIS
cvs-switchroot [-T] newroot [file ...] cvs-switchroot [-T] - srcpath [file ...] DESCRIPTION
The cvs-switchroot utility manipulates a CVS working copy directly, modifying the information stored in the administrative subdirectory and saving space by hardlinking if possible. If the -T option is given, the sticky tag is operated on, otherwise, the repository path (CVSROOT). The information (Tag or Root) is set to the same as in srcpath if the first non-option argument newroot is a sole dash ('-'), the literal value newroot otherwise. EXAMPLES
Change all Root information in the current sandbox to /cvs: $ cvs-switchroot /cvs . Set all roots in the current working directory and all its subdirectories to the Root of the parent directory: $ cvs-switchroot - .. . Hardlink the Tag information in the current working directory, for example /usr/src, and /usr/ports with each other: $ cvs-switchroot -T - . . /usr/ports SEE ALSO
cvs(1) HISTORY
cvs-switchroot has existed in the MirBSD source tree since 2005. It was added to Debian's cvs package in 2011. CAVEATS
cvs-switchroot depends on mksh. BSD
June 10, 2011 BSD

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