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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users help needed to connect to windows from unix and run .bat file Post 302141492 by sysgate on Friday 19th of October 2007 09:15:30 AM
Old 10-19-2007
You can share the windows drive and map/mount it on the unix and execute, you can install ssh emulation on the windows box, or you can use Remote shell services.
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how to connect to windows from unix ?

hi i am using HP-UX and trying to write some scripting codes but i have to connect to windows and display the contents of a particular directory(in windows). how do i do it.? Could anyone please help me regarding this !! Thanks & Regards guhas (2 Replies)
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executing *.bat file on windows from Unix box via ftp command

I have created get_list.bat file containing following line: dir /B /O-d >file_list.txt I am executing ftp command from Unix box and transferring get_list.bat file to windows server. In my next ftp command I am trying to execute this test.bat file by entering this line: get_list or by... (9 Replies)
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Urgent Need for Assistance: Triggering Windows bat files from UNIX

Hello, Is there a way to trigger a Windows bat file or program on a different machine from a different UNIX server using KSC file? I hope you can assist me with this. Thanks! (0 Replies)
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

How can I run scripts in my unix account from batch file in Windows?

Hi all, I'm working on Windows, connecting to my Unix account by different ways: by FTP opening files in UltraEdit32, by mapping drive to browse, by Exceed or Telnet to compile at Unix account. Actually, that is what I would like to change: I'd like to make a batch file which would connect to... (7 Replies)
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Run shell script from .bat file

hi how can I execute a shell script on unix server from a .bat file of windows desktop?? Regards. (3 Replies)
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bat file opening multiple IE windows

I'm trying to open multiple IE windows and enter the same text and press <enter> on each. Here's an example with what I have so far. REM Open @echo on start ping -n 5 -w 1000 >nul @echo password start ping -n 5 -w 1000 >nul @echo password... (2 Replies)
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bat file to connect UNIX server.

Hi, i am trying to connect to unix server from windows bat file using telnet command. But bat file is unable to pass username and password hence could not login to UNIX. My requirement is to connect UNIX server from .bat file and run few macros at a perticular schedule. My UNIX login does... (1 Reply)
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Xserver connect and run CDE session from Windows PC

Hope someone can help. I have 5 Unix Tru64 ver 4.0/5.1B, boxes and I'm trying to connect and run CDE session from my PC. I have tried using Reflections, and Xming with no luck. Can someone tell me what exactly needs to be running on the Tru64 boxes in order for this to work. Along with what or how... (4 Replies)
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Run cygwin in .bat file

Hello everyone, I've written quite a few AWK scripts to run in cygwin and now, I would like to run them one after the other in a .bat file. The problem is, I tried modifying the .bat file used to run cygwin in the first place, but whenever I change something, it doesn't work. The PATH is set up... (3 Replies)
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Start windows application (.bat) from Unix

How can I start an application sitting on a windows machine (XP) from Unix shell script (AIX server) ? (6 Replies)
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rlprd(8)						       UNIX Reference Manual							  rlprd(8)

rlprd - remote printing proxy daemon SYNOPSIS
rlprd [-nqV] [-pport] [-ttimeout] [--debug] DESCRIPTION
rlprd is a proxy which runs between the remote printing commands (rlpr(1), rlpq(1), and rlprm(1)) and standard lpd print servers in situa- tions where the remote printing commands cannot be installed setuid root. For a discussion on how to configure the remote printing com- mands, please see rlpr(1). rlprd needs to be installed setuid root - if it cannot be run this way, it is useless. rlprd works by mapping non-privileged port requests from rlpr(1) clients to privileged ports so that lpd's will listen to them. Eliminat- ing the "security" gained by having privileged ports is a non-issue, since the Internet is no longer just Unix, and Unix is the only OS that has the privileged port concept. rlprd is not a replacement for lpd(8). It merely passes data to a lpd(8) on a target machine (which is specified by an invocation of a remote printing command). However, when a client is using the rlpr suite of tools to do remote printing, the client does not need to run an lpd(8) locally. Note that once an rlprd is set up on a network (including the Internet), any host may connect to it and use its proxy services if it knows the name of the machine running it. OPTIONS
--debug Print gobs of debugging information. -n, --no-daemon Don't run rlprd as a daemon. Usually not needed. -p, --port=number Select an alternate port (instead of 7290) to listen on. Usually not needed. -q, --quiet, --silent Quiet mode - stay quiet (except for fatal errors). -t --timeout=seconds Set the inactivity timer. If the connection hangs for more than seconds seconds, then rlprd will time out the connection. Use the special value `-1' to wait forever. Default timeout is 3 seconds. -V, --version Print version and exit. SEE ALSO
rlpr(1), rlpq(1), rlprm(1), rlprrc(5) AUTHOR
meem <> BUGS
/LIMITATIONS It is not currently possible to run rlprd from inetd(8). rlpr 2.04 1999/10/28 rlprd(8)

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