Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting seeking help with shell script Post 302141020 by Niadh on Wednesday 17th of October 2007 09:17:44 AM
Problem sorted

I got the Unix script sorted.
See my second post.

The script above produces the email as I needed.
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TABLESPACE(7) PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation ALTER TABLESPACE(7) NAME
ALTER_TABLESPACE - change the definition of a tablespace SYNOPSIS
ALTER TABLESPACE name RENAME TO new_name ALTER TABLESPACE name OWNER TO new_owner ALTER TABLESPACE name SET ( tablespace_option = value [, ... ] ) ALTER TABLESPACE name RESET ( tablespace_option [, ... ] ) DESCRIPTION
ALTER TABLESPACE changes the definition of a tablespace. You must own the tablespace to use ALTER TABLESPACE. To alter the owner, you must also be a direct or indirect member of the new owning role. (Note that superusers have these privileges automatically.) PARAMETERS
name The name of an existing tablespace. new_name The new name of the tablespace. The new name cannot begin with pg_, as such names are reserved for system tablespaces. new_owner The new owner of the tablespace. tablespace_parameter A tablespace parameter to be set or reset. Currently, the only available parameters are seq_page_cost and random_page_cost. Setting either value for a particular tablespace will override the planner's usual estimate of the cost of reading pages from tables in that tablespace, as established by the configuration parameters of the same name (see seq_page_cost, random_page_cost). This may be useful if one tablespace is located on a disk which is faster or slower than the remainder of the I/O subsystem. EXAMPLES
Rename tablespace index_space to fast_raid: ALTER TABLESPACE index_space RENAME TO fast_raid; Change the owner of tablespace index_space: ALTER TABLESPACE index_space OWNER TO mary; COMPATIBILITY
There is no ALTER TABLESPACE statement in the SQL standard. SEE ALSO

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