Operating Systems AIX VI questions : mass changes, mass delete and external insert Post 302099575 by Browser_ice on Wednesday 13th of December 2006 02:24:04 AM
VI questions : mass changes, mass delete and external insert

Is it possible in VI to do a global change but take the search patterns and the replacement patterns from an external file ?

I have cases where I can have 100,200 or 300+ global changes to do. All the new records are inside a file and I must VI a work file to change all of them.

Also, can I do a mass delete on records given by an external file no matter where those records are in VI ?

And insert content of a whole file at any given point in VI ?

I do not think I have autority to replace or recreate the files I am editing at the office. Only the search pattern files I can create as I like.
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