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Full Discussion: Executing a Shell Script
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Executing a Shell Script Post 302085455 by slayer666 on Thursday 17th of August 2006 10:29:05 AM
Old 08-17-2006
take it this way

000 = 0 non
001 = 1 read
010 = 2 write
011 = 3 read 'n write
100 = 4 execute
101 = 5 read 'n execute
110 = 6 write 'n execute
111 = 7 read write 'n execute

chmod <user #><group #><others #> <filename>
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LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/tme-0.8/bus/multibus:~/tme-0.8/bus/sbus:~/tme-0.8/dist/softfloat/softfloat/bits32:~/tme-0.8/dist/softfloat/softfloat/bits64:~/tme-0.8/generic:~/tme-0.8/host/bsd:~/tme-0.8/host/gtk:~/tme-0.8/host/posix:~/tme-0.8/ic:~/tme-0.8/ic/ieee754:~/tme-0.8/ic/m68k:~/tme-0.8/ic/sparc:~/tme-0.8/... (1 Reply)
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Types(3)							    globus xio								  Types(3)

Types - Defines #define GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_INVALID_HANDLE Enumerations enum globus_xio_file_flag_t { GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_CREAT = O_CREAT, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_EXCL = O_EXCL, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_RDONLY = O_RDONLY, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_WRONLY = O_WRONLY, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_RDWR = O_RDWR, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_TRUNC = O_TRUNC, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_APPEND = O_APPEND, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_BINARY = 0, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_TEXT = 0 } enum globus_xio_file_mode_t { GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRWXU = S_IRWXU, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRUSR = S_IRUSR, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IWUSR = S_IWUSR, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IXUSR = S_IXUSR, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRWXO = S_IRWXO, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IROTH = S_IROTH, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IWOTH = S_IWOTH, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IXOTH = S_IXOTH, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRWXG = S_IRWXG, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRGRP = S_IRGRP, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IWGRP = S_IWGRP, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IXGRP = S_IXGRP } enum globus_xio_file_whence_t { GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SEEK_SET = SEEK_SET, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SEEK_CUR = SEEK_CUR, GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SEEK_END = SEEK_END } Define Documentation #define GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_INVALID_HANDLE Invalid handle type. See also: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SET_HANDLE Enumeration Type Documentation enum globus_xio_file_flag_t File driver open flags OR together all the flags you want. See also: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SET_FLAGS Enumerator: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_CREAT Create a new file if it doesn't exist (default) GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_EXCL Fail if file already exists. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_RDONLY Open for read only. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_WRONLY Open for write only. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_RDWR Open for reading and writing (default) GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_TRUNC Truncate file. See also: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SET_TRUNC_OFFSET GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_APPEND Open file for appending. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_BINARY File is binary (default) GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_TEXT File is text. enum globus_xio_file_mode_t File driver create mode OR these modes together to get the mode you want. See also: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SET_MODE NOTE: for Win32, you only have a choice between read-only and read-write. If the chosen mode does not specify writability, the file will be read only Enumerator: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRWXU User read, write, and execute. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRUSR User read. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IWUSR User write. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IXUSR User execute. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRWXO Others read, write, and execute. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IROTH Others read. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IWOTH Others write. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IXOTH Others execute. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRWXG Group read, write, and execute. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IRGRP Group read. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IWGRP Group write. GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_IXGRP Group execute. enum globus_xio_file_whence_t File driver seek options. See also: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SEEK Enumerator: GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SEEK_SET set the file pointer at the specified offset GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SEEK_CUR set the file pointer at current position + offset GLOBUS_XIO_FILE_SEEK_END set the file pointer at size of file + offest Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for globus xio from the source code. Version 3.3 Mon Apr 30 2012 Types(3)

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