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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Mounting nfs filesystems with /net/hostname Post 28151 by Kelam_Magnus on Friday 13th of September 2002 02:31:47 PM
Old 09-13-2002
automount is cool

Do a man on automount. "man automount"

This is what utilizes the /net mountpoint. The reason they don't show up in the vfstab is that they are not always available to be mounted and your system would hang on boot waiting for these mount points to be visible. Also, they are only available while the are being used. If they are not accessed for a period of time they are unmounted.

Automount allows you to mount these filesystems when they are available and/or needed.

You should have a config file somewhere with "auto" in the name under the /etc directory. On HPUX, it is under /etc/rc.config.d

From the manpage:
automount is a command that installs autofs mount points and
associates an automount map with each mount point. The autofs
filesystem monitors attempts to access directories within it and
notifies the automountd daemon (See automountd(1M)). The daemon uses
the map to locate a filesystem, which it then mounts at the point of
reference within the autofs filesystem. You can assign a map to an
autofs mount using an entry in the /etc/auto_master map or a direct

If the file system is not accessed within an appropriate interval
(five minutes by default), the automountd daemon unmounts the file

Hope this gives you some ideas.
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MOUNT.NFS(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      MOUNT.NFS(8)

mount.nfs, mount.nfs4 - mount a Network File System SYNOPSIS
mount.nfs remotetarget dir [-rvVwfnsh ] [-o options] DESCRIPTION
mount.nfs is a part of nfs(5) utilities package, which provides NFS client functionality. mount.nfs is meant to be used by the mount(8) command for mounting NFS shares. This subcommand, however, can also be used as a standalone command with limited functionality. remotetarget is a server share usually in the form of servername:/path/to/share. dir is the directory on which the file system is to be mounted. Under Linux 2.6.32 and later kernel versions, mount.nfs can mount all NFS file system versions. Under earlier Linux kernel versions, mount.nfs4 must be used for mounting NFSv4 file systems while mount.nfs must be used for NFSv3 and v2. OPTIONS
-r Mount file system readonly. -v Be verbose. -V Print version. -w Mount file system read-write. -f Fake mount. Don't actually call the mount system call. -n Do not update /etc/mtab. By default, an entry is created in /etc/mtab for every mounted file system. Use this option to skip making an entry. -s Tolerate sloppy mount options rather than fail. -h Print help message. nfsoptions Refer to nfs(5) or mount(8) manual pages. NOTE
For further information please refer nfs(5) and mount(8) manual pages. FILES
/etc/fstab file system table /etc/mtab table of mounted file systems SEE ALSO
nfs(5), mount(8), AUTHOR
Amit Gud <> 5 Jun 2006 MOUNT.NFS(8)

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