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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Ip Post 27604 by cubicle^dweller on Wednesday 4th of September 2002 09:22:19 AM
Old 09-04-2002
try searching the net for a "whois" software or a "ip scanner"
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #463
Difficulty: Medium
chrony is an implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and is a replacement for the ntpd.
True or False?
Asused(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					       Asused(3pm)

Reg::Asused - Perl module for asused. SYNOPSIS
use Reg::Asused; use regread; use ipv4pack; my($asu) = new Reg::Asused; my($errNo, $errStr ) = $asu->getDBAlloc($alloc, $whois, \%regAlloc); ($errNo, $errStr ) = $asu->getAssign($alloc, $assign, $whois); ($network, $ret) = $asu->approveNa($whois, $opt{'valid'}, $opt{'regid'}); DESCRIPTION
approveNa my ($network, $ret, $vlid) = $asu->approveNa($whois, $arg, $regid); Will return ref to inetnum result in string and valid result. On error will return undef. ($errno, $errstr) = $asu->error will return error. checkOverlap $oCount = $self->checkOverlap($assign, $i, @assign, $sOverlap); Check for overlap in list of inetnum objects. The list @{$assign->{$assignList->[$i]}{'overlap'}}. have list of overlapping inetnums. If two inetnums are logically sme will set warning in the list @{$assign->{$assignList->[$i]}{'warning'}} have list of overlapping inetnums. error return error number and string. ($errorno, $errorstr ) = $asu->error; reset the error $asu->(undef, undef, 1); getAssign Get all assignments for each prefix in @{$alloc->{'dbAlloc'}}. ($errNo, $errStr ) = $asu->getAssign($alloc, $assign, $whois); Return undef on success. getDBAlloc Get allocaions from RIPE whois database for all prefix or allocation under a registary. "-L" "-F" "-c" "-T" in . check netname same are regid (translated "." "-"), mnt-by is one of valid RIPE maintiner, status is ALLOCATED PA, PI or UNSPECIFIED. my($errNo, $errStr ) = $asu->getDBAlloc($alloc, $whois, $regAlloc); $alloc Ref to Net::RIPEWhois::in $whois Ref to Net::RIPEWhois $regAlloc ref to hash with keys as queries to locate Allocations. AUTHOR
Antony <> software group RIPE NCC <> SEE ALSO
perl(1). perl v5.10.1 2010-03-10 Asused(3pm)

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