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Full Discussion: crontab questions
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers crontab questions Post 26292 by psprocida on Wednesday 14th of August 2002 10:52:13 AM
Old 08-14-2002
Actually /etc/cron.d is main cron directory

/etc/cron.d/cron.deny contain those files you mentioned above

/var/spool/cron/crontabs "is a spooling area for cron"

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bcrontab(1)						      General Commands Manual						       bcrontab(1)

bcrontab - Manage users crontab files SYNOPSIS
bcrontab [ -u user ] file bcrontab [ -u user ] { -l | -r | -e } DESCRIPTION
bcrontab interfaces with the bcron-spool daemon to manage crontab files in the privileged spool directory. OPTIONS
-u user Tell bcron-spool that we are acting on behalf of the named user. bcron-spool will only accept the username if bcrontab is running as either root or the same user ID as the named user. -l List the cronab crontab to standard output. -r Remove the user's crontab. -e Edit the current crontab. ENVIRONMENT
VISUAL If this is set, it is used as the editor to invoke to edit a crontab. EDITOR If $VISUAL is not set and this is, it is used as the editor to invoke to edit a crontab. If neither are set, /bin/vi is used. BCRON_SOCKET The path to the named socket used to communicate with bcron-spool. Defaults to /var/run/bcron-spool. LOGNAME USER These two variables are used, in order, to determine the user name invoking the program. One must be set if the -u option is not used. FILES
bcrontab tries to writes a temporary file into the current directory, and then into /tmp if that fails, in order to edit the current crontab. SEE ALSO
bcron-spool(8), crontab(5) AUTHOR
Bruce Guenter <bruceg@em.ca> bcrontab(1)

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