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UNIX for beginners

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UNIX for beginners.
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Tools I do agree

After using a bunch of different distros, I have found Mandrake to be the easiest to set up and use. Red Hat is also easy, but not easy as Mandrake. The last time I used Suse was when they had version 6.4, It was easy then, so I can only assume its easier to use now. I would recomend buying distros from www.linuxcentral.com you can get just disks for like 5 bucks that they make if you don't have time to download themand you don't want to spend 30+ dollars for a boxed version, you can also get FreeBSD disks. I recommend this so you can a bunch of diffrent distros at a very cheap price. You will save time downloading, save money and figure out which distro or version of Unix you like.