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Full Discussion: Io Error
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Io Error Post 25206 by Jai on Thursday 25th of July 2002 11:41:58 PM
Old 07-26-2002
Io Error

Strange problems for the experts to solve Smilie

I was copying a big dir structure from one directory to another directory using the cp -r command ..

Suddenly the machine started giving an error : cannot cp <dash> <dash> directory : IO Error

I remove the created directories . do it again .. same problem

Also it happens that if i create a directory using mkdir same (IO Error)

rebooted the machine : Same error

Though after sometime it just mysteriously corrected itself so now i can create directories

Someone knos wat went wrong.
Not an urgent thing, just curious to know wat happened ...
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mkdirp(3GEN)					     String Pattern-Matching Library Functions					      mkdirp(3GEN)

mkdirp, rmdirp - create or remove directories in a path SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lgen [ library ... ] #include <libgen.h> int mkdirp(const char *path, mode_t mode); int rmdirp(char *dir, char *dir1); DESCRIPTION
The mkdirp() function creates all the missing directories in path with mode. See chmod(2) for the values of mode. The rmdirp() function removes directories in path dir. This removal begins at the end of the path and moves backward toward the root as far as possible. If an error occurs, the remaining path is stored in dir1. RETURN VALUES
If path already exists or if a needed directory cannot be created, mkdirp() returns -1 and sets errno to one of the error values listed for mkdir(2). It returns zero if all the directories are created. The rmdirp() function returns 0 if it is able to remove every directory in the path. It returns -2 if a ``.'' or ``..'' is in the path and -3 if an attempt is made to remove the current directory. Otherwise it returns -1. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Example of creating scratch directories. The following example creates scratch directories. /* create scratch directories */ if(mkdirp("/tmp/sub1/sub2/sub3", 0755) == -1) { fprintf(stderr, "cannot create directory"); exit(1); } chdir("/tmp/sub1/sub2/sub3"); . . . /* cleanup */ chdir("/tmp"); rmdirp("sub1/sub2/sub3"); ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |MT-Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
chmod(2), mkdir(2), rmdir(2), malloc(3C), attributes(5) NOTES
The mkdirp() function uses malloc(3C) to allocate temporary space for the string. SunOS 5.10 14 Oct 2003 mkdirp(3GEN)

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