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Please! can someone help me. I've lookked in the forums for the answer to my question but the answer did not help. I have a standalone Sun ultra 10 machine running Solaris 8, I bought the machine from a friend so that I can learn Unix. He created a password for me and I lost it, I"ve called him, unfortunately he doesn't remember the password either. Now I am stuck and I cannot login to the root console. I don't have a boot floppy and I don't have the solaris 8 software. Can anyone please help me?
Can someone tell me how can I go about login in or is there a way that I can change the password. ThanksSmilie
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IPCONFIG(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       IPCONFIG(8)

ipconfig, arpd, rip - Internet configuration and routing SYNOPSIS
ip/ipconfig [-abp] [-e etherdev] [-m ip-mask] [ipaddr] ip/arpd [-pd] [-e etherdev] [-b bcast-addr] ip/rip [-b] DESCRIPTION
Ipconfig configures an Internet connection on an Ethernet. The options are a do not start arpd b do not use BOOTP to discover a gateway address p start arpd in promiscuous mode (see below) e use the Ethernet mounted at /net/etherdev m set the network mask to ip-mask If ipaddr is specified on the command line, use that instead of one found in the local database or via the BOOTP protocol. Arpd performs the Internet Address Resolution Protocol, translating Internet addresses into Ethernet addresses. It is normally started by ipconfig. The options are d print debugging to standard output p (promiscuous) answer ARP requests for any recognized machine. The default is to answer just for the machine running arpd. e use the Ethernet mounted at /net/etherdev b use the IP broadcast address bcast-addr instead of the correct one. Rip runs the routing protocol RIP. It listens for RIP packets on connected networks and updates the kernel routing tables. The only option, -b, broadcasts routing information onto the networks. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/ip/ipconfig.c /sys/src/cmd/ip/arpd.c /sys/src/cmd/ip/rip.c SEE ALSO
ndb(6) IPCONFIG(8)

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