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Full Discussion: It does nothing
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting It does nothing Post 24428 by mewalter on Thursday 11th of July 2002 11:59:00 AM
Old 07-11-2002
Kevin Pryke

Ya I'm in the right Dir

It does give any error It print son screen as if is replacing
then brings me back to the prompt.
I'm using Sco Openserve 5.04

pseudo(1)						      General Commands Manual							 pseudo(1)

pseudo - Starts a non-STREAMS pty interface for a STREAMS device SYNOPSIS
pseudo [-l] [-shell shell] OPTIONS
Starts a shell process as the login shell. By default, the command starts this process as an interactive shell. Specifies the shell to be started. By default, the command starts the shell set by the SHELL environment variable. DESCRIPTION
The pseudo command provides an appropriate interface for STREAMS tty devices that are installed on systems configured to use the non- STREAMS pty driver. The pseudo command opens a pair of master and slave pty devices, and starts a shell process. The command's options allow you to override the default shell specification and to specify that the process be started as a login shell. NOTES
The pseudo command is available only when one or more of the Tru64 UNIX optional subsets with worldwide support software are installed on your system. In order for the pseudo command to provide a non-STREAMS pty interface for STREAMS devices, the system must be configured to use the non- STREAMS pty driver. If the system is configured to use the STREAMS pty driver, the command provides a STREAMS pty interface. SEE ALSO
Commands: stty(1) Interfaces: pty(7) pseudo(1)

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