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Full Discussion: Connection to host lost
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Connection to host lost Post 22501 by manderson19 on Tuesday 4th of June 2002 07:32:28 PM
Old 06-04-2002
whom are you trying to telnet as? if you try to telnet from W2K to a solaris box, it will ask you for a login and a password. You can't use "root" with telnet unless the CONSOLE variable in /etc/default/login is commented out. However, "root" can ftp with no problem.

If you are trying to telnet as a regular user, then that is a different problem all together. hope this helps.

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rup(1)								   User Commands							    rup(1)

rup - show host status of remote machines (RPC version) SYNOPSIS
rup [-hlt] rup [host]... DESCRIPTION
rup gives a status similar to uptime for remote machines. It broadcasts on the local network, and displays the responses it receives. Normally, the listing is in the order that responses are received, but this order can be changed by specifying one of the options listed below. When host arguments are given, rather than broadcasting rup will only query the list of specified hosts. A remote host will only respond if it is running the rstatd daemon, which is normally started up from inetd(1M). In the absence of a name service, such as LDAP or NIS, rup displays host names as numeric IP addresses. OPTIONS
-h Sort the display alphabetically by host name. -l Sort the display by load average. -t Sort the display by up time. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------------------------------------+ |ATTRIBUTE TYPE ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |Availability SUNWrcmdc | +-----------------------------------------------------------+ SEE ALSO
ruptime(1), inetd(1M), attributes(5) Solaris Express Installation Guide: Basic Installations BUGS
Broadcasting does not work through gateways. SunOS 5.11 7 Mar 2003 rup(1)

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