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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting email notification if job is killed/dies Post 21289 by usfrog on Tuesday 14th of May 2002 05:15:20 PM
Old 05-14-2002
Hi Jacob,

Try something like:

numberOfProcesses=`ps -ef|grep myProcessName|grep -v grep|wc -l`
if [ $numberOfProcesses = 0 ]
( echo "From: missingProcesses@yourHostName"
echo "To:"
echo "Subject: myProcessName is not running"
echo "MIME-Version: 1.0"
echo "Content-Type: text/html"
echo "The process is not running"
echo " "
) | /usr/lib/sendmail -i -t

And schedule that little script as a cron.
Hope this helps Smilie
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Locale::getDisplayScript - Returns an appropriately localized display name for script of the input locale

	Object oriented style

publicstatic string Locale::getDisplayScript (string $locale, [string $in_locale]) DESCRIPTION
Procedural style string locale_get_display_script (string $locale, [string $in_locale]) Returns an appropriately localized display name for script of the input locale. If is NULL then the default locale is used. PARAMETERS
o $locale - The locale to return a display script for o $in_locale - Optional format locale to use to display the script name RETURN VALUES
Display name of the script for the $locale in the format appropriate for $in_locale. EXAMPLES
Example #1 locale_get_display_script(3) example <?php echo locale_get_display_script('sl-Latn-IT-nedis', 'en'); echo "; "; echo locale_get_display_script('sl-Latn-IT-nedis', 'fr'); echo "; "; echo locale_get_display_script('sl-Latn-IT-nedis', 'de'); ?> Example #2 OO example <?php echo Locale::getDisplayScript('sl-Latn-IT-nedis', 'en'); echo "; "; echo Locale::getDisplayScript('sl-Latn-IT-nedis', 'fr'); echo "; "; echo Locale::getDisplayScript('sl-Latn-IT-nedis', 'de'); ?> The above example will output: Latin; latin; Lateinisch SEE ALSO
locale_get_display_name(3), locale_get_display_language(3), locale_get_display_region(3), locale_get_display_variant(3). PHP Documentation Group LOCALE_GET_DISPLAY_SCRIPT(3)

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