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Question Hp-ux

I'm not totally new to unix but I'm not a guru either. I am running HP-UX 10.20 and would like to know of some good txt on my version of the os. Any help is greatly appiciated. Thanks.
SC_ALLY(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						SC_ALLY(1)

sc_ally -- scamper driver to run Ally on a list of candidate aliases. SYNOPSIS
sc_ally [-?D] [-i infile] [-o outfile] [-p port] [-U unix-socket] [-w waittime] [-q attempts] [-t logfile] DESCRIPTION
The sc_ally utility provides the ability to connect to a running scamper(1) instance and have a set of IPv4 address-pairs testsed for aliases using the Ally technique. For each address pair in the file, sc_ally establishes which probe methods (UDP, TCP-ack, ICMP-echo) solicit an incrementing IP-ID value, and then uses the Ally technique on pairs where a probe method is able to obtain an incrementing IP-ID for both addresses. The output is written to a warts file. The options are as follows: -? prints a list of command line options and a synopsis of each. -D causes sc_ally to detach and become a daemon. -i infile specifies the name of the input file which consists of a sequence of IPv4 address-pairs, one pair per line. -o outfile specifies the name of the output file to be written. The output file will use the warts format. -p port specifies the port on the local host where scamper(1) is accepting control socket connections. -U unix-socket specifies the name of a unix domain socket where scamper(1) is accepting control socket connections. -w waittime specifies the minimum length of time, in seconds, to wait between completing a measurement to a particular IP address and issuing the next. -q attempts specifies the number of times to try Ally when one of the addresses is unresponsive. -t logfile specifies the name of a file to log output from sc_ally generated at run time. EXAMPLE
Given a set of IPv4-address pairs in a file named infile.txt: and a scamper(1) daemon listening on port 31337, then these address-pairs can be tested for aliases using sc_ally -i infile.txt -o outfile.warts -p 31337 SEE ALSO
N. Spring, R. Mahajan, and D. Wetherall, Measuring ISP topologies with Rocketfuel, Proc. ACM SIGCOMM 2002. scamper(1), sc_wartsdump(1), sc_warts2text(1) AUTHORS
sc_ally is written by Matthew Luckie <mjl@luckie.org.nz>. BSD
March 1, 2011 BSD

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