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Full Discussion: math.h not working? o.0
Top Forums Programming math.h not working? o.0 Post 17795 by Perderabo on Wednesday 20th of March 2002 07:46:36 AM
Old 03-20-2002
You need to search the math library. On my system, I would do something like:
cc prog.c -lm -o prog
to compile that program.
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checkpw(8)						      System Manager's Manual							checkpw(8)

checkpw - checks password against the file ~/Maildir/.password SYNOPSIS
checkpw prog DESCRIPTION
checkpw reads descriptor 3 through end of file and then closes descriptor 3. There must be at most 512 bytes of data before end of file. The information supplied on descriptor 3 is a login name terminated by , a password terminated by , a timestamp terminated by , and possibly more data. There are no other restrictions on the form of the login name, password, and timestamp. If the password is unacceptable, checkpw exits 1. If checkpw is misused, it may instead exit 2. If there is a temporary problem checking the password, checkpw exits 111. If the password is acceptable, checkpw runs prog. prog consists of one or more arguments. Compatible tools There are other tools that offer the same interface as checkpw Note that these tools do not follow the getopt interface. Optional features are controlled through (1) the tool name and (2) environment variables. The password database checkpw checks the password against the content of the file Maildir/.password in the user's home directory corresponding to the login name. Maildir may be overidden through the environment variable $MAILDIR. Process-state changes Before invoking prog, checkpw sets up $USER, $HOME, $SHELL, its supplementary groups, its gid, its uid, and its working directory. FILES
~/Maildir/.password SEE ALSO
checkapoppw(8), qmail-popup(8), qmail-pop3d(8) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Gerrit Pape <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system. checkpw(8)

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