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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Apache start (Was in:how can i?) [Split by LF] Post 17544 by donohd on Sunday 17th of March 2002 05:51:56 PM
Old 03-17-2002

I need to know, which script starts the apache web server on start up? If anyone could help me that would be great. I'm in deep trouble if I can't find the script.
thanks very much
dan donohd
If you know my e-mail is thanksSmilie
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action_printemail - A script for sending email from monitor action. SYNOPSIS
<action name="report-email"> <param name="action-type" value="exec" /> <param name="command"> $TORRUS_BIN/action_printemail | mail </param> <param name="launch-when" value="set, clear" /> </action> DESCRIPTION
This program is designed for usage from a monitor action only. It takes the arguments from environment variables, as described in action- type "exec" in Torrus XML Configuration Guide. In addition, some values may be supplied via command-line arguments (see section OPTIONS below). Site-specific variables must be specified in the file Default values are installed by the first run of "make install". Subsequent runs of "make install" do not override this file. OPTIONS
--url=GRAPHER-URL Sets the URL of the grapher CGI script. --template=TEMPLATE-FILE Uses given file as a template. The template file must reside in /usr/share/torrus/templates directory. It must be a Template-toolkit file, with the following variables defined: tree Tree name token Leaf token path Leaf path url URL for browsing this leaf ncomment This leaf comment npcomment Leaf's parent comment event Event type monitor Monitor name mcomment Monitor comment timestamp Time and date of the event env(VAR) Environment variable VAR FILES
/etc/torrus/conf/ Torrus site email configuration script. /usr/share/torrus/templates /etc/torrus/templates Torrus template directories. SEE ALSO
torrus(8) NOTES
See more documentation at Torrus home page: AUTHOR
Stanislav Sinyagin <> torrus 2.03 2013-07-26 TORRUS_ACTION_PRINTEMAIL(7)

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