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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers qdsemon Post 16600 by spunky on Tuesday 5th of March 2002 09:42:37 AM
Old 03-05-2002

any ideas as to why the qdaemon would stop about the same time every other day. nothing has changed on our system.

any ideas would be appreciated.
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holidays(4)							   File Formats 						       holidays(4)

holidays - prime/nonprime table for the accounting system SYNOPSIS
/etc/acct/holidays DESCRIPTION
The /etc/acct/holidays file describes which hours are considered prime time and which days are holidays. Holidays and weekends are con- sidered non-prime time hours. /etc/acct/holidays is used by the accounting system. All lines beginning with an "*" are comments. The /etc/acct/holidays file consists of two sections. The first non-comment line defines the current year and the start time of prime and non-prime time hours, in the form: current_year prime_start non_prime_start The remaining non-comment lines define the holidays in the form: month/day company_holiday Of these two fields, only the month/day is actually used by the accounting system programs. The /etc/acct/holidays file must be updated each year. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Example of the /etc/acct/holidays file. The following is an example of the /etc/acct/holidays file: * Prime/Nonprime Table for the accounting system * * Curr Prime Non-Prime * Year Start Start * 1991 0830 1800 * * only the first column (month/day) is significant. * * month/day Company Holiday * 1/1 New Years Day 5/30 Memorial Day 7/4 Indep. Day 9/5 Labor Day 11/24 Thanksgiving Day 11/25 day after Thanksgiving 12/25 Christmas 12/26 day after Christmas SEE ALSO
acct(1M) SunOS 5.10 28 Mar 1991 holidays(4)

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