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Full Discussion: Printer fonts
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Printer fonts Post 15576 by JammerFSU on Friday 15th of February 2002 06:40:23 PM
Old 02-15-2002
Ok.... I know what I am about to tell you might seem weird... but.. hear me out...

I had a problem once.. where I had a laser printer connected to my network via a Jet Direct card that was Internal to the printer. In other words... my ethernet cable was plugged directly into an internal JetDirect card.

It seems that on occasions.. passing printer commands through the interface script would have no effect on the printer. The font wouldn't change, nor would the paper trays switch..etc..

I contacted HP and I was told by HP.. that I needed to pass those commands via the parallel port. I purchased an external print server and located it near my printer. Configured my print server and installed the parallel cable between my print server and my printers parallel port.. It worked like a charm.

I could NEVER get HP to tell me why this would only work this way. I can't say that it will solve your problem, but you might want to give it a shot.
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foomatic-getpjloptions - <put a short description here> SYNOPSIS
foomatic-getpjloptions device foomatic-getpjloptions hostname port DESCRIPTION
foomatic-getpjloptions Sends a set of PJL commands and reads back the PJL options and status from a printer over a network connection or device bidirectional interface such as parallel, USB, serial. printers to standard output. The output can be piped into foomatic-addpjlop- tions to add options to the database. Options device The interface to which a local printer is connected, e.g. /dev/lp0, /dev/usb/lp0, /dev/tty00, etc. For a parallel port, you must have bidirectional support enabled at the BIOS level and the parallel port driver must support the bidirectional mode. Check your parallel port BIOS settings for EPP/bi-directional mode. hostname Host name or IP address of a network printer (HP JetDirect, DLINK, etc.). port Port on which your network printer listens for socket (Appsocket) connections. Most common ports are 9100 (JetDirect), 10000 (DLINK). Usually you can configure the port via a configuration interface. EXIT STATUS
foomatic-getpjloptions returns ??? AUTHOR
Manfred Wassmann <> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary. Modified by Patrick Pow- ell <papowell at> to provide betters support for network printers, error messages, and remove CR and FF from output. WARNINGS
Uni-directional protocols as remote LPD are not supported as no status is returned. Some network print servers which attach to a printer parallel port do not support bidirectional mode. Foomatic Project 2001-05-07 FOOMATIC-GETPJLOPTIONS(8)

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