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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Mouse wheel... Post 10408 by PxT on Tuesday 13th of November 2001 05:55:28 PM
Old 11-13-2001
Lots of mouse-wheel info here:

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mhub(1) 								GGI								   mhub(1)

mhub - converts LibGII events to mouse protocol or mhub data SYNOPSIS
mhub [options] DESCRIPTION
mhub reads pointer events from the LibGII default device and outputs mouse protocol data and/or mhub data to the specified files. The default device is specified with the GII_INPUT environment variable, see the libgii(7) manual for more info. OPTIONS
-h displays this help and exit -v output version information and exit -d print contents of received events to standard error -s terminate program when a SIGPIPE signal is received. The default is to ignore SIGPIPE. -e BUTNR only generate mhub events for buttons >= BUTNR. The default is 4. -b FILE output mhub events to FILE -2 FILE output PS/2 format data to FILE -i FILE output (serial) IntelliMouse format data to FILE -m FILE output MouseSystems format data to FILE -r FROM TO remap button FROM to button TO -w BUTNR transform wheel up motion to a BUTNR mhub event -W BUTNR transform wheel down motion to a BUTNR mhub event A maximum of 20 mhub event outputs and 20 mouse data outputs are supported. The number of remaps are unlimited and all remaps occur before any other processing. Mouse data outputs may all use different protocols. libgii-1.0.x 2004-10-14 mhub(1)

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