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X bytes of 0, Y bytes of random data, Z bytes of 5, T bytes of 1. ??

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Old Unix and Linux 12-02-2012
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X bytes of 0, Y bytes of random data, Z bytes of 5, T bytes of 1. ??

Hello guys. I really hope someone will help me with this one..

So, I have to write this script who:
- creates a file home/student/vmdisk of 10 mb
- formats that file to ext3
- mounts that partition to /mnt/partition
- creates a file /mnt/partition/data. In this file, there will be:
- X bytes of 0
- Y bytes of random data
- Z bytes of 1
- T bytes of 5
So, totally, the file's size, /mnt/partition/data will be X+Y+Z+T, where X,Y,Z,Y are parameters.

The big problem is with the XZTY bytes. I dont know how to make a file with X bytes of 0, Y bytes of random data, and so on.. Also how can I make a file ext3?
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Old Unix and Linux 12-02-2012
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