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Extract minimum/maximum using awk

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awk, highest value, lowest value

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Old Unix and Linux 07-10-2013
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Facebook Extract minimum/maximum using awk

From the below table I want to print highest value and lowest value using awk script.

aaa 55 66 96 77
ggg 22 96 77 23
ddd 74 58 18 3
kkk  45 89 47 92
zzz  34 58 89 92

Thanks, Green

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edit by bakunin: it sure is not news to you that you should use CODE-tags, no? And that we do not want such informative thread titles as "help needed" you sur haven't heard for the first time either, did you?

I changed the thread title and inserted the missing CODE-tags, but you should really consider changing your attitude and posting behavior.

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Old Unix and Linux 07-10-2013
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awk '
first == "" {
	m = $2
	M = $2
	first = "done"
{	for(i = 2; i <= NF; i++) {
		if($i < m) m = $i
		if($i > M) M = $i
END {	print m, M
}' table

If you are using a Solaris system, use /usr/xpg4/bin/awk , /usr/xpg6/bin/awk , or nawk instead of /usr/bin/awk or /bin/awk .

If table contains your sample input, the output produced is:

3 96

which are the minimum and maximum values in your data (ignoring the 1st column in each line).
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Old Unix and Linux 07-10-2013
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Just for fun:

awk 'NR==1 || $1==""{next} l=="" || $1<l{l=$1} $1>h{h=$1} END{print l,h}' RS=" " file

Old Unix and Linux 07-10-2013
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Another approach using GNU awk asort function:

xargs -n1 < file | gawk '/^[0-9]*$/{A[NR]=$1}END{n=asort(A);print A[1],A[n]}'

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